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Digital Nomad Lifestyle: A Day In The Life Of

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Camilla Gill

digital nomad lifestyle

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world while working online? 

Be your own boss, decide your own schedule. 

Basically do whatever the hell you want?

I’ve been working online since 2016. Starting out with zero online skills I had no idea how I was going to make money online.

But eventually I worked out how to dominate Upwork and became a freelancer earning over $4000 A MONTH as a virtual assistant.

Find out how I went from ZERO SKILLS TO $4000 A MONTH with this in-depth post all about how to make a full-time income on Upwork.

digital nomad lifestyle

Do You Want To Fall In Love With Your Life? 

I’m not kidding when I say this. I genuinely LOVE my life. 

I wake up when I want, travel where I want, work on what I want and don’t have to answer to anyone! Deciding to become a digital nomad changed my life forever. 

Being able to fit my work around my life is something I will never grow bored of. However, it’s important to remember, that being your own boss does mean you have to WORK hard as a freelancer, like really hard!

A lot of people don’t understand that being self-employed involves a lot of work. Go figure.

I probably work the same hours as a full-time job, between 5-7 hours a day, plus some time at weekends. It feels like A LOT LESS though because I split the day up 🙂

I do a few hours in the morning, then a fun activity in the afternoon and then a couple more hours in the evening.

A Day In The Life Of A Digital Nomad

Last week, I was in Seville with my family.

So, find out how I spend my days working while vacationing at the same time!  

This is a normal day for me when I’m abroad. Working in the morning, followed by a break in the afternoon and then a few more hours work in the evening. 

The only difference is that normally, I try and fit in some exercise too.

digital nomad lifestyle

A Typical Day In The Digital Nomad Lifestyle


I woke up naturally at 8ish and jumped in the shower. I made a BIG pot of black coffee before getting straight to work on my laptop!

This morning’s work was doing some SEO for a new client of mine. I’m overhauling his website, increasing its presence on Google and boosting his organic traffic.  

It’s a big job but SEO is something I really enjoy. I fell into SEO by accident when I was freelancing on Upwork (Read my story here). 

At the moment, I’m making most of my money from SEO, each project earns me between $500-$1000.

SEO work is a great option for anyone wanting to become a digital nomad because you can teach it yourself for free! It’s not hard to learn and it’s very lucrative.


In order to be as productive as possible, I like to split my day up into sections. 

So, after a couple of hours I leave apartment to get breakfast in a coffee shop and continue working there. 

After breakfasting on a nutritious slice of chocolate cake and yet more coffee, I do some work on this blog. 

Blogging is something I started doing seriously in the past year and it’s paying off. I’m making MONEY from this site now and the income is increasing each month. I plan to turn this blog into my full-time income over the next year!

Anyone who thinks blogging is dead is sincerely wrong, the internet is actually only just beginning. If you’ve always liked the idea of having a blog but didn’t know where to start, check out this free guide on how to start a blog for beginners. 

When I started blogging, I had NO IDEA what I was doing, but I decided to invest in a blogging course to guide me through the process, Create And Go’s, Launch Your Blog Biz!

Create And Go Courses

Create and Go was started by Alex and Lauren, a regular 20 something couple who had had enough of the 9-5 trap. They started a health and fitness blog and within 4 months were making $10,000 A Month! 

Now they teach Alex And Lauren teach their blogging strategy and make over $100,000 A MONTH with their blog How insane is that! 

Their blogging course is the best because it walks you through the A-Z of how to build a profitable blog in an easy to understand way. You know that overwhelmed feeling you might be getting if you’ve just started blogging? Yeh….this course took that feeling away! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Check out my full review of the course here.

a day in the life of a remote worker - seville!


I finish writing my article and order yet more coffee.

One downside of working as a digital nomad, is the amount of coffee you drink! I’m surprised my pee isn’t black yet!

Next, I then make some new pins for Pinterest. The key to growing a successful blog is building organic traffic, this is done through SEO and PINTEREST!!! Before blogging, I had never really used Pinterest but now I’m obsessed!

Since I was such a Pinterest virgin, I bought a cheap course to learn how to master Pinterest. I decided on Elle Duclos’ course and omg, within a week I had had my first viral pin!! 


I get a call from my Mum asking if I want to meet the rest of the family for lunch and join in on some sightseeing. 

Hearing my tummy rumble, I take it as a sign to close my laptop for the afternoon and enjoy Seville! 

My family and I eat some delicious tapas in a beautiful Spanish plaza with the sun shining down on us.

It felt like something out of a movie and I felt really grateful that I am able to enjoy days like this whenever I want.

location independent lifestyle


Between wandering down Spanish streets and drinking cervezas, I check my phone every now and then. I see I have a few quotes to fire out to potential clients. So I quickly send out a few replies.

One downside of being self-employed is that I can’t let the emails wait like you could in a normal job.

I need to be on top of my game AT ALL TIMES, because there’s no one else to depend on but me. 

But you know what? I like being in control of my destiny, and I know that my success is a direct correlation to how hard and how smart I work. Upwork Your Way To Freedom Ebook

Since Upwork clients favor freelancers who respond quickly, I make sure I reply as quickly as possible. I go into more detail on the importance of this in my book, Upwork Your Way To Freedom. 


We wander past a beautiful flamenco dancer and my little 2 year old niece wants to get involved. Unfortunately, her dancing isn’t quite as skilled as the professionals, but it was very cute to watch! 


After a brilliant last day soaking in the sun, it’s time for the holiday to end and we head off to the airport. 


We arrive at airport with plenty of time to spare. 

So, while my family go off to find some food, I decide to squeeze in a bit more work. 

I check my emails, respond to clients and do a little pinning on Pinterest. It sounds like I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, that’s because you need to! It’s important to pin regularly to keep blog traffic up.

Elle explains it really well in her course if you want to learn how to master Pinterest and send consistent traffic to your blog!


Time to jump on a plane back to the UK. I decide to use the time flying to write this article.

I think a BIG SECRET to being productive as a digital nomad is knowing how to use pockets of time to get work done.

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We land and finally it’s home time! Ready to plan next trip away!

Conclusion To The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

As you can see, being a digital nomad means that work is a CENTRAL part of life. 

There is no real work- life balance, but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When I was working in an office, I felt like nothing I did mattered. Now my work matters.

Working for myself, I finally feel like I have a purpose.

I love seeing my blog grow (How To Start A Blog Guide), I love helping other people realise their dreams of working online and achieving freedom. 

Life doesn’t have to be spent hating your job. As a Digital Nomad You can enjoy life AND make money at the same time.

Don’t let not having any online skills stop you. 

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You can use platforms like Upwork to get started freelancing, or have you thought about being a Virtual Assistant? It’s a great way to start making money online if you don’t have any skills yet. 

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Blogging is another avenue to explore if you’re serious about making a living online. 

Choose a niche, create content that helps people and then build traffic and you can have a successful money making blog. 

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Lots of companies are now realizing that people want flexibility in their lives. So, more and more employers are offering remote working as an option.

Point is, if you’re sick of watching your life pass you by from your desk. DO something about it. 

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A Day In The Life Of a digital nomad lifestyle

Want to find out what a typical day in the life of a digital nomad is like? Here's a snapshot into the digital nomad lifestyle, is it as good as it seems?


  1. Love it and the enthusiasm you have comes through in your writing. I’m hoping I can make a living writing & blogging soon, so you’re an inspiration. Thank you. I’ve been a nurse for over 25 years and just need a change.

    • Oh Sabrina, this means a lot to me, thank you! You can definitely make a change, my Mum is 61 and has been an Elementary teacher all her life and now she is retraining to be a Yoga teacher! If you have any questions, email me at!