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9 Awesome Digital Nomads Making $20,000 to $170,000

average digital nomad salary

Digital nomads are fascinating. A mythical creature roaming the world, their natural habitat is a tropical beach and they are never spotted without their trusty laptop.

Finding out people’s salaries is also fascinating. We’ve all got a nosy side to us, wanting to find out just how much so and so is making a month.

So..put digital nomads and salaries together and what have you got?

A VERY interesting blog post! So, you want to find out how much do digital nomads make.

I get it. I do. How can the mythical creature that is a digital nomad afford to travel the world while you’re struggling to pay your rent some months…?

They must be earning MILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year.

I used to think this as well….until I became a digital nomad and started meeting other location independent individuals.

Here’s the BIG secret

Digital nomads don’t actually make more MONEY than you.

Instead, they choose to spend their money differently.

Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle choice, and maybe it’s right for you, maybe it’s not.

Find out what’s it’s really like being a digital nomad here.

digital nomad salary

How Much Do Digital Nomads Make?

My Digital Nomad Salary

My income report is one of the most popular blog posts on this blog. You guys are as nosy as me!

In the post, I explain EXACTLY how I went from earning $1000 a month to over $4000 a month.

I learned how to make money as a freelancer on Upwork. Upwork is still a great source of income for me. (I wrote a free book on how to make money on Upwork, which you can download here)

Lower Cost Of Living

But did you know being a digital nomad is actually cheaper than living full-time in the UK?

When I’m travelling, my expenses are rarely over $1200 a month. I don’t have many expenses apart from my subscription travel insurance which is only $30 a month!

SafetyWing have changed the insurance game for digital nomads, find this full review on SafetyWing . All about why they are the best long term travel insurance for backpackers and digital nomads.

moving abroad alone

Average Digital Nomad Salary

But knowing the salary of ONE DIGITAL NOMAD doesn’t give a well-rounded picture of the average remote worker’s salary, does it.

What is everyone else earning?

What’s the AVERAGE digital nomad salary?

To satisfy your curiosity itch, I rounded up the best posts on the internet to find out how much other digital nomads are making. (You’re welcome)


digital nomad salary katie & Ben

Katie & Ben – $170,000

Travel Bloggers

Katie and Ben are travel bloggers over at Two Wandering Soles

They earn a whopping $14,179 per month. Wowee! These guys are KILLING IT in the travel blogging niche.

Blogging is a popular choice for digital nomads and one I am involved with too now. You can make SERIOUS MONEY as a blogger, and learning how to start a blog is not actually that difficult!

You can start a blog for less than $4 A MONTH!

People make money blogging through a combination of ad revenue, affiliate market, digital products and sponsored posts.

work remote income

Jessica – $34,700

Graphic Designer

Jessica is a great example of someone earning a normal salary but instead of spending her money on rent and car payments. She chooses to work remotely and travel.

Jessica was starting her career as a designer for advertising agencies when the executive director of the Society of Digital Agencies reached out her and offered a remote position!

Working remotely gave her FREEDOM to choose which country to work from as well as the invaluable commodity of TIME.

You don’t have to be self-employed to become a digital nomad. More and more employers are now offering full-time remote positions!

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nora digital nomad salary

Nora – $30,316

Freelance Writer/Travel Blogger

Nora is another travel blogger and writer over at The Professional Hobo. Nora writes about how you can still be a digital nomad and travel the world on a modest income.

You’ll find that there isn’t a wide variety of the types of careers digital nomads have. Most digital nomads make their money via writing, digital marketing or something computer based.

Although with remote working on the rise, more and more jobs will come with the option of being location independent.

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lylia rose income blogger

Victoria Sully – $29,600

Finance Blogger

Although, not technically a digital nomad. I wanted to include Lylia because she is a great example of a blogging success story.

Lylia Rose is a UK money blog by Victoria Sully featuring lifestyle topics with a focus on making money online and blogging.

Lyla mostly makes her money from being a full-time blogger, but she does also earn money from other sources too like matched betting for example.

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how much do digital nomads make

Sharon – $72,000

Blogger, FBA, Rental Income

The passive income queen!!! Sharon Tseung is the owner of DigitalNomadQuest. Way back in 2016, Sharon quit her job and traveled the world for 2 years.

When she came back to the Bay Area she focused on saving more money and building over 10 PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS. Impressive stuff!

DigitalNomadQuest is a great resource for anyone interested in building a passive income for themselves.

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india freelance content creator

India – $50,000

Digital Content Creator

India is originally from Sussex, UK, but grew up in France, and works as a content creator.

After being signed off from work due to sickness, India decided life was too short to be spent in an office and became a digital nomad.

Most of her work is writing and editing, but she also manages social media channels and websites for clients, and has also designed an online course for people who want to become digital nomads.

(Notice the MULTIPLE income streams again!)

India is open about the negatives of freelancing. With refreshing honesty, India explains how sometimes it is a bit nervewracking to work as a freelancer and not know where the next pay check is coming from. She also talks about how tough it can be to figure out a health work-life balance.

All in all though, I would say India has things figured out! Congrats girl!

Katrina – $70,000

Business Consultant

If you think that your skills are too business based then think again. Why not become a remote consultant for in your industey? Katrina is a US citizen who was born in Germany and works as a business consultant traveling the world as a digital nomad!

As a consultant, she advises other freelancers and service providers on how to structure their business and market their services to attain financial and location freedom.

Her earnings were $70,000 (£55,000) last year, and is projecting $120,000 (£95,000) this year. Wow!

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kat remote work freelancer

Kat – $20,000

Freelance Creative Marketer

Kat is from California, USA, and works as a freelance creative marketer.

I like Kat because although she doesn’t earn much, she didn’t let that stop her from becoming a digital nomad. Proof that you don’t need to be earning big money to live your dream life.

There are lots of countries where you can live comfortably but keep your expenses low.

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The Future Of Digital Nomads

Did you know that more than 15% of people in Britain are self-employed?

It seems like more and more people are sticking the middle finger to bosses.

But maybe they are also choosing to be self-employed because they want to have more control over their lives?

Since becoming self-employed, I’ve been free to travel wherever I want whenever I want.

It’s a freedom I can’t imagine my life without anymore.

But even if you don’t want to be self-employed, you can still be a digital nomad with a fixed-job.

More and more companies are now offering remote working contracts.

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You thought you had to be rich to become a digital nomad? You thought wrong. Read about 9 digital nomad and their very varied salaries!


  1. Interesting post, I always like to see what other digital nomads are making and how they’re making the most of that money. I’m a full-time freelancer and I make a lot of money but I don’t live the nomad lifestyle, mostly because I can’t convince my kids to sell everything we own and live in an RV. But regardless of how much you make, being a freelancer or digital nomad is great if you want a flexible lifestyle.

    • 100%. Especially because many digital nomads are selling their lifestyle for marketing purposes. Which is fine (I do it too!), although you have to be honest about earnings!

  2. Loved reading this post – especially since so many people talk about becoming digital nomads but don’t disclose how much they make (which of course, they shouldn’t have to, but it is helpful to know for others who are/want to become nomadic like myself!)

    Super super helpful – thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Yes, exactly Kelsey! I think it might be because digital nomads are still quite new so it’s all a bit wishy-washy the information around it. But, the way I see it, if someone was interested in becoming a doctor, then the information on salaries is there online! It’s important to manage expectations on career salaries.

  3. I think this was one of the most honest assessments of this newer career field I’ve seen. Thank you for that. Being a digital nomad is often hyped up and glamorized to the point where I pretty much wrote it off in the “too good to be true” category. This was very informative seeing actual people in the field and their actual incomes.

  4. Thanks for featuring me! I was a digital nomad long pre-dating the term “digital nomad” (I started back in the dark ages, circa 2006), so it’s really interesting to see how much of an industry it has become.
    I think you nailed it when you said that it’s not only about how much money you make as a digital nomad; it’s about lifestyle choices and how you choose to spend the money. Financially sustainable travel (which is what I write extensively about on my website) is about balancing money in and money out to create a sustainable and satisfying lifestyle.

    • Anytime Nora, it’s very much about lifestyle choices yes! It’s very much finding that balance that suits YOU personally.