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About Me

I’ve been making money online via Upwork since 2016, free to travel the world whenever I want. Here’s how I did it….

The story starts when I was 19 and I decided to move to Brazil! There I spent nearly 6 months living and working in a surfers’ town. After this amazing experience working abroad, I knew I wanted more adventure!

So I packed up my suitcase (I don’t really do backpacks) and I moved to Portugal. For the next three years I worked in a bar and an estate agents. After three years of a pretty settled life, I felt like I needed a new adventure.

So…I decided to move to Colombia to learn how to salsa dance! I love Latin American and their vibrant culture. Initially I worked as an ESL teacher but after a year or so, I was sick of the poor money. I wanted to be able to fly home to England to visit my family whenever I wanted and to do that, I needed money.

Make money online and travel the world

When I was younger, I had always dreamed about being self-employed. Was it time to make my dream come true?

In 2016, I started freelancing on Upwork and I haven’t looked back since!

Freelancing on Upwork was hard at first because I had ZERO online skills. So, I started as a virtual assistant and with dedication and discipline, I succeeded! Soon, I was earning over $4000 A MONTH. 

I even wrote an ebook where I explain my secrets to success on Upwork.

Upwork Your Way To Freedom

Digital Nomad Meaning

Being my own boss is my dream come true. Setting my own schedule and deciding which projects to take on. Freedom came to me through freelancing, and that’s what I want to share with others.

Your Green Grass Project is promoting working on yourself and creating your dream life.

Working online to me is FREEDOM.

Life is too short to spend it impressing people or pleasing your family.

There are millions of ways to make money online these days, why not join me and give it a go?

How to quit your job and travel the world