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How To Do SEO For Blogs In 2019

How To Do SEO For A Blog

I used to work for an SEO agency and now I’m sharing my insider tips and tricks on how to do SEO for blogs in 2019. Shhh!

Do you have your pen and pad ready because this post is packed full of useful tips you can implement today on your blog!

The thing is, the Google algorithm makes big changes every few months. What does this mean for your SEO?

Well, what was important for SEO in 2017 might no longer be applicable in 2019.

Have a read and find out what’s working for SEO on blogs in 2019!

(If you haven’t started your blog yet but are interested in learning how to start a blog, check out this free guide here)


When it comes to increasing traffic to blogs, everyone talks about Pinterest. But, hang on, do you really want your blog’s traffic to be dependent on a social media platform?

What if Pinterest disappears tomorrow, what would you do then?

That’s why SEO is so important for blogs.

Trust me when I say it’s not difficult to learn, And the best part is yet to come. . . once your blog is SEO optimized, your organic traffic from Google will steadily increase month on month without you having to do anything!

After you optimize a blog post, you can just sit back and let the Google Gods do their thing.

Your traffic will continue to grow without you having to do any work. No more scrambling around trying to create new social media posts every week.

Pretty cool!

How to do SEO for blogs in 2019


There is a big myth out there that SEO is complicated and best left for computer programmers. Not true!

When I first started working at the SEO agency, I was just like you too. In reality though, SEO doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once you break it down, all Google is trying to do is reward the websites that share the most useful information. 

When you are learning how to do SEO for blogs, the key focus of your 2019 strategy should be on creating useful content that creates value to its readers.

Make sure your website is delivering VALUABLE content, and long-term, you will win at SEO.

Let’s move on to some actionable tips. Whats working and not working in 2019. How YOU can do SEO for your blog.

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When I first started working at the agency a few years ago, directory link building was really popular.

Directory link building is when you submit your blog’s URL to lots of link directory websites, or ‘link farms’. This strategy quickly became really popular because it was a fast way to boost a website’s authority.

However, just like summer vacation, all good things must come to an end.

Pretty soon, Google caught on to the fact that there were spammy links farms popping up all over the web.

Things are a lot different in 2019, and now if you are caught trying to build links like this, it won’t be pretty. Blogs that are caught trying to build links through these spam directories are being penalized by Google and sent to Google Jail.

Whatever you do, please don’t go submitting your website to website directories or blog directory websites.

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In 2019, according to Google SEO best practise guidelines, when you’re doing SEO for blogs in 2019, there are two main methods.

Either get going with quality guest posting or try and get people to link to your website articles naturally.

Let’s talk through both SEO strategies here.


In order to build links through guest posting, there is one golden role to follow – Quality Over Quantity.

The first step to do is make a list of websites that relate well to your list and found out if they accept guest posts.

You want to target websites or blogs that are at least 10 Moz DA points above your own, and ideally DA 20+ overall.

That means, that if your blog has a DA of 11, then you want to be trying to get guest posts on blogs that have a DA of 21+.

Obviously, the higher the DA the better. Because Google sees your website linking to blogs that have a high DA, the Google bots will understand your blog to be an authoritive source. In turn, this will boost your Google ranking.

When people suggest guest posting as a method of link building, they usually start talking about email templates to send out to a bunch of blogs.


Guest Posting Outreach For SEO In 2019

When I was working at the SEO agency, a large part of my day was spent doing outreach emails for guest posting purposes.

I spoke with lots of different websites and they all said the same thing.

They HATE receiving standard templates from bloggers asking for a guest post opportunity or link exchange.

Apparently, the guest post templates are completely overused and most companies end up deleting them straight away without even reading them.

For each website, you should write a personalised email to the website owner. It will take for longer but I promise you it will be worth it.


Instead of just asking outright for a generic guest post, try and think of something that could benefit them.

If you’re a whizz on Pinterest then maybe you could offer them some tips to improve their Pinterest traffic? Have a think and see what you could come up with.

Make sure the guest post you want to write is a good fit for their website. If you’ve got a guest post titled ’48 Hours In New York’, chances are a cookin blog won’t be interested in it.

Networking with other bloggers is a good way to improve your chances of getting guest posts for SEO purposes. Try joining different Facebook groups aimed at bloggers and get interacting!


The purpose of Google is to help its readers answer questions, therefore the more useful your website the better.

So, the basis of SEO is trying to encourage people to create useful content on the internet.

Writing amazing informative content that answers peoples’ questions will be super beneficial for your SEO. Over time, other bloggers in your niche will start to link to your posts.

Think about it, if you write an amazing post all about how to grow the biggest pumpkins, then over time other pumpkin bloggers will start linking to your blog post.

Google will see other websites linking to you and deem your website to be an authority on pumpkins, thereby boosting your SEO and your Google ranking will go up!


The key thing I learned at the digital marketing agency was THIS ONE THING

All you need to remember is that the person doing the searching is just. like. you.

That’s it!

When you are doing keyword research, try and imagine what you would search for if you wanted people to come across your article. This is called Searcher Intent.

For example, for this article, I want to help other bloggers learn how to do SEO for their blogs.

Therefore, the longtail keyword I targeted with this post was ‘How To Do SEO for Blogs In 2019.’

Approaching keyword research this way is simple and the best part is that it works.

Keyword research is basically just working out what people are going to type into Google and then optimizing posts with those with that search intent in mind.


When you are doing keyword research, there are lots of different tools you can use to help you. Keywords Everywhere used to be a fantastic free tool but now it has become a premium tool. At the moment, I am using Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

It’s free and lets me see the monthly search volume Off to that or you need to do is use simple ghost plugins seriously that’s what they use at agencies.

If you are a beginner blogger then try and look for keywords that have a low search volume, between 50-200 per month. When you are choosing keywords that have a high search volume then they will be very competitive and your blog doesn’t have a chance of beating the bigger websites.

SEO doesn’t need to be tricky, when you look it from a typical Google searcher’s view.

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One thing that each SEO agency does a lot of is analyze. And what separates SEO agencies apart from the averae beginner blogger is that the agencies can afford expensive SEO software like Ahrefs. Admittely, Ahrefs is fantastic but pricing starts at a hundred dollars a month.

So, unless you’re a milionaire or an SEO agency with multiple clients, then I wouldn’t recommend it!


You want to be checking that your optimization is having the desired effect and a great tool that not many beginner bloggers know about is Google search console.

It’s really easy to use, you set it up with your Gmail account, just like you would with Google Analytics. But the Search Console allows you to see how many impressions you’re getting on Google, where your blog is in the rankings and most importantly what people are typing in to find your blog posts.

SEO Takes Time For Bloggers


Something that many bloggers don’t realize when they are learning how to do SEO for their blog is just how long it takes for SEO to have an effect.

Repeat after me. SEO takes time. At least 3-6 months.

When I was working at the agency we had lots of clients who would complain that they weren’t getting results fast enough.

The Google bots only crawls your website once a day pr sometimes every few days. Therefore, it takes a while for effects to take place. While Pinterest traffic might pick up just after a couple weeks, the results of SEO take a lot longer, at least 6 months before seeing considerable traffic.

Here’s a snapshot of my website’s Google impressions from Google Search Console. Can you see how it’s a steady climb not a rapid sprint?

Google Search Console - SEO for blogs


The main things I want you to learn are –

  • Do not use directory link building techniques
  • Focus on guest posting
  • Write really great content that people want to link to
  • Start using analytics from Google search console
  • Make sure you’re using Ubersuggest
  • Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

SEO Blog 2019 Secrets

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I used to work at a top SEO agency and now I'm spilling all their secrets on how to do SEO for blogs in 2019. Pen and paper at the ready!


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