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6 Tips On How To Find The Best Upwork Clients

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Camilla Gill

how to get best Upwork clients in 2019

This post will help you figure out how to get the best Upwork clients in 2019!

I’ve been working on Upwork for over three years and have worked my way up to earning $35/hour.

Upwork is a fantastic way to get started as a freelancer before going on to building your own online business like starting a blog. Upwork could allow you to launch your digital nomad life!

But I bet you’re probably thinking, ‘Upwork is full of scam artists, how do I find the good clients?’ It’s true, one of the biggest barriers to success on Upwork is finding high-paying clients.

In fact, maybe the hardest part of Upwork is choosing good clients.

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Bad Upwork Clients

Finding the good Upwork clients is a skill and over the years, I’ve become pretty good at knowing how to choose the best clients on Upwork.

Like internet dating, Upwork is filled with bad clients.

But unlike internet dating, an experience with a bad client can lead to a poor review and without reviews, you’re nothing on Upwork.

But how do you tell the good clients from the bad clients?

Warning Signs

A bad client is someone who has no idea what they are looking for in a freelancer.

They are usually posting their first job on Upwork so come with no job history, are not payment verified and have no idea what they want. . .

If the job description is a bit vague and wishy-washy, then you want to stay the hell away.

Beware clients who want you to write them a business proposal or for you to ‘grow my business’.

These are Upwork clients who haven’t got a clue what they are after and would likely be a NIGHTMARE to work with.

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Signs Of A Good Upwork Client

A good client on the other hand is usually a dream to work with.

Professional and understanding, good clients are communicative and clear on what they are after.

Clients should be able to explain exactly what they need in an email or a quick Skype chat.

They are able to set clear expectations of the job role and are realistic on time frames.

Good Upwork clients value your time and understand that you get what you pay for.

THESE are the Upwork clients you are going to go after!

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find the best upwork clients


You MUST use filters in order to find the best Upwork clients. They are vital to your success.

The first filter I set is the country. I only work with countries that I am familiar with, so USA, Canada, UK, Australia.

Why should you do this too?

This is because you will have similar working cultures, meaning that you are less likely to have any disagreements.

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Job History

The second filter you must use is only looking for clients who have a job history on Upwork.

You can look at their reviews!

Have a read through of what other freelancers are saying about them.

Were they professional? Friendly?

Stay away from any clients who have some bad reviews from freelancers, you can do better!

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Intermediate And Expert Jobs Only

The third filter I set is only choosing to look at the intermediate and expert job postings.

You see, the beginner job postings are posted by clients who are not wanting to spend decent money on a freelancer.

Maybe they don’t have the budget as they are a very small company or solopreuner.

On the other hand, the expert job postings are often from established companies who have the budget to spend on a quality freelancer.

This means, moneeeey! 

Those are the good Upwork clients that you want.

Interview process

Once you have won an interview with a client, don’t be afraid to back out halfway through. It’s only after you’ve accepted the job that the contract starts.

If you can, set up a call with the client so you can have a face to face chat.

There’s nothing better to really get a feel for a person then actual talking.

You will be able to see if your personalities gel together and if they are the type of client you would like to work with!

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Trust your gut

If at any point you get a bad feeling about a client or a job, then walk away.

No Upwork job is worth you losing sleep over. You’re not desperate!

You are a quality freelancer and you will be treated like one!

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Conclusion To How To Find Best Upwork Clients

These are my top tips for finding the best Upwork clients, but do you have any tips that help you sort the good from the bad?

Let me know in the comments below!

6 tips for upwork success with clients

6 killer tips on how to find the best Upwork clients and start winning more jobs today. These are the same strategies I use to find high-paying clients.