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8 Fitness Tips: How To Get Fit If You’re Lazy

How To Get Fit If You're Lazy - fitness tips for women

How to get fit if you’re lazy and don’t want to become a gym bunny IS possible.

This post is for everyone out there who would like to learn some fitness tips – the beginners who would like to tone up, lose weight, gain muscle. 

Did you know that you don’t need to go to the gym 5 times a week, you don’t have to cut out the pizzas and live off protein shakes?

Which got me thinking about how to get fit if you’re lazy? 

How do you get in shape if you hate the gym and don’t like dieting?


This is a photo of me back in January, here, I have ‘abs’ but I only drank once a week and I was very conscious of how many calories and carbs I was eating. 

Fitness Tips for Normal Women

I was working out in the gym 5 times a week and fitness was a big part of my life. I ate ‘Right’, always counting my calories and making sure I was getting enough protein, fats and carbs along with all my vegetables.

8 months later and I’ve gained about 4-5 kilos (9-11 lbs), because I’ve relaxed my lifestyle and no longer work out 5 times a week, nor do I count calories.

But I’m fine with that! I think I’ve finally learnt how to live a balanced life.

My body has changed slowly over time to still look semi-fit and most importantly I feel GREAT!

You don’t need to become a fitness addict to get in shape.

Here are my top 8 fitness tips for women looking to get in shape even if you’re lazy.

fitness tips for women wanting to get in shape


Your diet and nutrition is KEY to getting in shape.

You can’t out train a bad diet.

The number one way to lose weight and get fit if you’re lazy is through your diet. 

This photo? I had actually been weightlifting for 3 years by this point, sure doesn’t look like it does it! 

How to get in shape if you hate gym

That’s because I refused to believe that I had to change the way I was eating. Instead I would try a new crazy fad diet every week.

Stop the crash dieting and focus on making small changes over time.

If you want to make long-lasting changes to your body then you have to make small, lasting changes to your diet.


I’m not a typical ‘fitness’ person, I don’t meal prep, I don’t track my workouts with specific aims of bulking or cutting.

And since my work is on my laptop, that means most of my meals come from cute cafes or even fast-food restaurants.

BUT I try and choose protein-rich meals with plenty of vegetables when I can.

Nowadays, I make sure that I eat protein at nearly every meal, I would say 66% of my meals are based on protein.

And when I say protein, I don’t mean one egg with your breakfast or a side of Greek Yoghurt.

If I’m eating eggs for breakfast, then I am having three or four. 

For dinner, I would eat two chicken breasts or if I’m having a vegetarian meal then I would be sure to finish the dinner with a protein shake.

You can’t shape up if you don’t eat protein. Sorry. You can’t.

It’s hard to do at first, you’re not used to eating so much protein but after a few weeks, it becomes more normal and now, I don’t even think about it.

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Weight loss is not complicated. It comes down to calories in vs calories out. Oil has squillions of calories.

One tablespoon of oil has the same amount of calories as a chocolate bar!

So, one way I eat less calories is by not cooking with oil. 

I know that if I have big portions cooked with oil and overeat on my calories. It won’t matter if the food is healthy or not, I will eventually start to gain weight. 

Body Tranformation story


There’s no point in eating a meal if you’re not hungry. Trust your body to tell when you to eat and when you’re full.

Over time you will get better at naturally eating less and stop overeating.

A simple trick is simply to skip breakfast, some people call this intermittent fasting. You could just call it eating a bit less!

KEY POINT  – It doesn’t matter what time of day you eat your meals, you know those Instagrammers that tell you to eat your carbs before 6pm, that isn’t true!

I really can’t stress this enough, when it comes to weight loss, calories in vs calories out is the only thing that matters. And an easy way to lower the calories consumed is to skip breakfast.

Calorie Expenditure is all it is.

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I am a drinker, it’s fun and it makes me so attractive to the opposite sex. 

OK, that part might not be true, but I’m not going to stop drinking any time soon.

But just like oil, alcohol has lots and lots of calories.

A fantastic tip on how to get fit if you’re lazy is by switching higher calories drinks for lower calories options. If you are drinking a Gin & Tonic, swap your Tonic water for a Slimline Tonic. You’ve instantly saved 100 calories! 

If you love your wine then drink smaller glasses of prosecco as opposed to the buckets of white wine. These small changes add up over time.


Modern lifestyles make it hard to exercise regularly, but an easy way to burn more calories is simply by walking more. Make it a habit to always take the stairs over escalators and evelators. Walk to the shops instead of getting in the car. Get off the bus a couple stops earlier.

I love walking! 

I try and walk a lot of places and if my gym has some Zumba classes then I do those because I love wiggling my bum and pretending I’m Shakira.

It burns calories without exerting yourself too much. And all those burned calories will mount up over the months. An easy way to get fit if you’re lazy!

how to lose weight easily


The most beneficial and effective way to change your body shape is by incorporating strength training into your exercise plan. 

I did this through weightlifting. Nothing else to it.

Over the years, my hips and bum have gotten bigger and my waist has gotten smaller, making me look more feminine.

Find yourself an easy weightlifting plan or go to a group weightlifting class at your gym for beginners. Then stick to a routine, 3 times a week!

If you have no idea where to start, I recommend Bret Contreras Glute Guide. It’s fantastic for beginners and advanced lifters, giving exercise plans for all levels.


It takes 21 days to build a habit, then 90 days to build a lifestyle. Take this to mean that if you focus all on your energy on getting fit for 3 weeks, then you’ve built the habit. Congrats!

When you’re focusing on losing weight, you’re bound to see some changes in your body. 

Use the motivation from this quick weight difference to keep the momentum going for the next 2 months.

Anyone can learn how to get fit if you’re lazy or super motivated. 

The key is to not overstress your brain, if you starve yourself, then you’re ten times more likely to binge at the weekend and undo your good week.

Time is going to pass anyway, so why rush it?

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fitness tips for normal women

Want to learn how to get fit even if you’re lazy and don’t want to become a gym bunny whose life revolves around the gym? Top 8 Fitness Tips For Women Here!


  1. Great tips!!! I need to lift more. I am a runner but I love food. It is a huge downfall but I love meat, veggies, and fruit. Cant forget my weakness for sweets. I would prefer the chocolate bar over the oil anyday.

    • Gosh me too, I definitely save my oil calories for chocolate. Already had a cheeky piece of chocolate and it’s only 9am here. Just checked out your blog and it’s so good! I want mine to look professional like that!

  2. Great suggestions! To lose weight and keep it off, one does not “go on a diet” they change the way they eat permanently or lifestyle by being more active. And this sounds like what you have done…switched to a low carb diet (meat & veggies) and weight trained for exercise & muscle building. Congrats!