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How to get more traffic fast (and free)

Get more traffic fast

In this post, I’m will show you how to get more traffic fast and free.

Building a blog is easy right?

You design a good-looking website, write a ton of great content and wait for a traffic jam to appear on your website.

You shouldn’t even need to try and get more traffic because your blog is that good, right?


Sorry, to break it to you, but a large part of your time blogging is actually going to be spent promoting your blogs.

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Even the legendary pros like Neil Patel still spend a large proportion of their time promoting their blog posts.

In fact, Neil Patel recommends the following ratio,

“Spend 20% of your time writing and 80% marketing and promoting your writing.

This is where search engine ranking results come from.”

This makes sense if you think about it.

What’s the most important division in any business?

Sales and marketing.

You can write the world’s best book but if no one knows about it, how is anyone going to read it?

Sick of Pinterest?

I don’t know about you but whenever I google “How to get more traffic fast”, I get hit with approximately 4 million and a half Pinterest strategies.

All of them promising to increase my traffic fast and free.

Pinterest is great, I’m having some great results with it.

But, do I think Pinterest is the ONLY way to get more traffic?

Do I think Pinterest is becoming saturated?

Do I think there are different, newer ways to get more traffic?



LinkedIn is the new Facebook.

In 2018, LinkedIn reported over 500 MILLION users and they have plans to increase that to 3 BILLION.

What’s more, 40% of their users login DAILY. These are statistics you can’t ignore people!

If you blog about anything to do with the millennial experience.

Personal development, self-improvement, travel, careers, remote work, online businesses.

If you want to get more traffic fast then LinkedIn is where you want to be.

LinkedIn is like any other social media platform, you need to grow your network if you want to succeed.

Here’s what you need to do to get more traffic from LinkedIn.

1 Write a detailed profile highlighting your blog.

Don’t be shy about highlighting your blog on your profile.

You are writing good content that helps people so get it out there.

Highlight your achievements and make sure your profile stands out.

For inspiration look at other well-known bloggers’ profiles.

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Linkedin Profile

2 Connect with people in your network.

Reach out to everyone and start building your contacts. You never know who might see your blog and want to work with you.

An exciting new opportunity could be just around the corner!

3 Share and comment on other articles.

LinkedIn rewards active users.

You need to make sure you are interacting with people if you want to get followers and ultimately get more traffic to your blog.

Leave insightful comments on articles you found interesting.

Start interesting discussions, just keep it positive and be helpful.

4 Republish your blog posts as articles. 

LinkedIn allows you to post long-form content within LinkedIn itself.

You can build your blog and your brand without any extra work.

Take one of your blog’s websites and post it as a new article on LinkedIn.

You will get a whole different audience exposed to your blog.

And if the content is honest and helpful, you will get more traffic to your blog.

5 Be consistent with your engagement. 

As any social media platform, the key to growing a following is consistency.

You need to make sure you are interacting with people and republishing your articles on a consistent basis.

Design a plan and stick to it. I’d suggest once or twice a week, minimum.

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Quora is arguably the largest question and answer site in the world.

Used by over 200 million users monthly, there are over 400,000 different topics covered which means it’s perfect for the more obscure niches.

Quora as a way to get more traffic

Many thought leaders and industry experts use Quora as a way to build up their reputation and you can too for your blog.

Although, Quora is a bit of controversial strategy to get more traffic to your blog.

Quora is not meant to be self-promotional.

Lots of people have used Quora for marketing and ended up with their accounts getting blocked.

Their accounts got flagged for being too self-promotional and spammy.

However, in the guidelines, Quora explains that you are allowed to link to articles that help explain your answer further.

If the link is directly relevant to the question then that is fine.

However, you may still find yourself getting flagged for being a spam account IF you prioritise promoting your blog over posting helpful answers.

Make sure you only answer questions that you are knowledgeable on, this is the key.

You will be providing value to the Quora readers.

DON’T link to your blog in every answer you post.

Keep your focus on being helpful and get involved in the Quora community!

Which is better – Quora or LinkedIn?

Quora is a great way to get more traffic to your blog FAST. 

No one needs to be following for answers to get seen by thousands of people.

LinkedIn takes more time to build up a presence and get your blog out there but I think it is worth it in the end.

You will always be looking over your back with Quora and making sure your account doesn’t get flagged up and blocked.

Both are great options to choose to get more traffic for free.

Spend time on both of them and remember to be a helpful presence and consistent in your efforts.

Learning how to get more traffic fast and free is an essential part of your blog's success. I worked as an SEO and want to share my top tips.