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How to quit your job and travel the world

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People constantly ask how do you quit your job and travel the world.

I can tell you now, quitting your job to travel the world is not scary.

In fact, hands-down, it’s the best thing you will ever do. Everybody should leap at the chance to live abroad for at least a year if they are in the position to do so; before family or financial responsibilities tie them down.

I’m not going to try and tell you that moving abroad for a year will enrich your CV and give you a competitive edge.

Firstly,  I don’t actually believe that – I think relevant experience in your chosen industry is always going to be more attractive to potential employers, and secondly, if you only want to move abroad to boost your career prospects then don’t do it.

You won’t open your mind to new experiences or make new friends and have an amazing time because you’ll be too busy focusing on your work.

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Moving abroad when you’re young and carefree is about living.

It’s about knowing that we are only given one life and it’s far too short to spend working in an office for fifty plus years.

Quitting your job and moving abroad will allow you to experience different ways of thinking.

It will make you more patient, more open-minded. . . the benefits go on and on.

Self-development aside, the fun of moving abroad is too much for anyone to miss out on.

Living in your chosen dream destination means that the daily grind never feels like a grind. It always feels a little bit like a vacation.

I’ve been living in Colombia now for three years and it still feels like I’m in a sunny reggaeton music video!

Even after nearly four years living in Portugal, I used to look at the sea each day and feel so lucky.

I lived by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, how many people can say that?

My morning run when I lived abroad in Portugal

Fear of the unknown

If it’s so great, why doesn’t everybody quit their job and travel the world?

Humans are driven by either greed or fear, quitting your job and moving abroad into the unknown; it’s scary I get that.

Most people tell me that they would love to quit their job and travel the world but are too scared.


This isn’t your fear speaking, it’s societal pressure. Do you want to live your life with regrets?

Jill Jacinto, a millennial career expert argues that society has us programmed to stick to a schedule.

Everything is on a timeline from starting to school to retiring at 65 (or more likely 75 by the time we millennials retire).

“Volunteering to quit your job and jump into the unknown is naturally a bit unnerving,” says Jill. “It takes us from our comfort zones and forces us to live a totally different way.”

But what is there really to be scared of?

If you do your research and prepare accordingly, what’s the worst that can happen?

There are really only three steps to moving abroad.

Literally three steps!

3 Step Guide To Quit Your Job And Move Abroad

1. Save money

It probably doesn’t need to be as much as you think, the more you save the lazier you will be in that job search.

I know when I moved to Brazil when I was 19, I had less than 100 pounds saved up after I had bought my flights and travel insurance.

I was terrified but this made me more determined to find a job and accommodation. Within a week I had both sorted!

2. Buy your ticket 

I know lots of friends who have told me they are planning to move abroad in the next few months.

But one, two, three years later they are still working their butts off in London and no sign of a palm tree anywhere.

A great way to force yourself to move is to buy the plane ticket as soon as you can afford it!

No turning back then.

3. Research

Google is your best friend.

Using Google you’ll be able to get a headstart on finding accommodation and getting a few job leads before you even set foot on foreign land.

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Have your first week’s accommodation sorted before you arrive, and then as soon as you arrive, start looking for work but don’t be fussy!

Take any (legal) work you can find. Be safe in the knowledge that as soon as you find a better one you can quit that cleaning job!


Don’t worry about the details too much, you can do anything you want to do. Stop thinking, plan a bit, go do it!