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I Want To Start A Blog But

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Camilla Gill

I want to start a blog

Trying something new is scary. And blogging is no different.

The more people that find out about my blog, the more people tell me “I Want To Start A Blog But…”

And, trust me, there is ALWAYS a but…

The most common reasons that people want to start a blog but are scared are usually related to putting yourself out there. Or, they don’t know what to write about or maybe they think they aren’t a good writer.

If you’ve spent years thinking about starting a blog but have always found an excuse not to. THIS POST IS FOR YOU!!!

Let’s delve into the top 4 reasons stopping people from starting their blogs and changing their lives!

Remember, the more time you waste, the more time you spend living a life that’s not even yours.

(Dramatic. But hey, if you can’t be dramatic on your own blog, then where can you be?)

i want to start a blog but...

I Want To Start A Blog But…Do They Even Make Any Money?

Blogging still has a reputation as being a fluffy mythical money earner.

I’ve got news for you.


And a pretty cool business at that. Because unlike a normal job, you don’t exchange your time for money.

How much money you make blogging is directly related to your blogging strategy and how hard you work.

The blogging strategy that I use is from the Launch Your Blog course from Create And Go! I wrote a detailed review all about it if you would like more information.

Being in charge of your destiny as a self-employed blogger is INCREDIBLE.

I have freedom to do whatever I want, go wherever I want, be whoever I want.

how do blogs make money

How Do Blogs Make Money?

Maybe you rolled your eyes when I said that a blog is business.

How can someone publishing their thoughts on the internet make money?

Let me tell you ūüôā

Bloggers make their money through advertising, affiliate sales and ecommerce either with digital products or physical products.

You can also make money with sponsored posts and brand collaborations. When a brand will pay you to feature their product.

And you know what? Blogging can make SERIOUS money. I rounded up a list of top bloggers all making over $10,000 DOLLARS A MONTH with their blogs!

Read More – How Bloggers Make Money

If you already understand that blogs can be a serious money maker but need a little help getting started.

Skip ahead to my free guide on how to start a blog in 2020.

i want to start a blog but im scared

You Want Start A Blog…But You’re Scared

It’s scary putting yourself out there on the big, bad, world wide web. Feeling scared to start a blog is completely normal.

Starting a blog can feel a bit like taking your teenage diary, standing in front of a crowd and reading it aloud for everyone to laugh about your first kiss.

Oh and you have to do it naked too.

Shhh… when I started this blog. I only told a couple of friends at first. The blog was kept as my dirty little secret for a few months until I was confident enough to share it with the world.

It was only when I reminded myself that NO ONE CARES that I started promoting my blog on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, I took the advice from the blogging course I had taken and started marketing my blog.

And funnily enough, it started to grow a lot faster. Duh….

Stop caring what others think and you will unlock your potential.

Remember that you are not a special, unique snowflake.

i want to start a blog but...

Everyone is too busy in their own world to pay attention to what you’re doing with your blog.

People who are interested in your blog will only have positive comments to share with you. And boy, do those positive comments feel good!

Blogging is about HELPING people. As a blogger, whenever I receive a message from someone, saying that you inspired them, my heart will swell with pride.

And anyone negative? Well, that says a lot more about them then it does about blog.

You might be just one person but your blog can make a difference in the world. You can help one person with your words. That’s pretty cool, right?

why i decided to be a digital nomad

You’re Not a Good Writer

I find it hysterical when people compliment me on my writing. I am the least creative person on the PLANET! 

But this didn’t stop me from starting a blog because….¬†Writing is only about 25% of blogging! Seriously!

There is a lot more that goes into creating a successful blog.

The writing part is important. However, with consistency you will improve over time. Keep publishing a new post every week and pretty soon you’ll find yourself being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize ūüėČ

Ok maybe not, but practise really is the key to improving and mastering any skill. And that’s all wiriting is, a skill.

So, if blogging isn’t writing then what is blogging? Digital marketing. And like writing, you need to learn marketing.

If you’re serious about making money from your blog then it’s a good idea to INVEST in a blogging course.

I tried to figure out the digital marketing by myself for about 3 months. I struggled and felt¬†VERY overwhelmed with all the information out there ūüôĀ

Do you need to publish once a week or 23 times a week?

Do you need a self-hosted site or is a free site ok?

A good blogging course explains all the steps and gives you a template to copy for you to create your won successful blog that makes money. 

The Create And Go! Course for beginner bloggers does exactly that. Launch Your Blog Biz

Imagine if you wanted to start a nail extension business, then you would go on a course to learn how to do nail extensions. Right?

Blogging is no different. If you want to make money blogging then you NEED to do a blogging course.

The Launch Your Blog Biz course allows you to copy a successful blogging template. Following a template guarantees that with hard work and consistency, your blog WILL MAKE MONEY.

There Are Too Many Blogs Already 

There is a saying that the best time to start a business was 15 years ago, and the second best time is NOW.

You might think that the world doesn’t need another blog. The world also doesn’t need another Dunkin’ Donuts or Taco Bell, but you see them poppin‘ up all over the place!

i want to start a blog but...

There are over 15 MILLION restaurants in the world too. Yet that doesn’t seem to stop all these aspiring entrepreneurs starting new restaurants every single day.

People will always need to eat. And people will always want to read!

There are nearly 8 billion people in the world and it’s still growin…more people equals an audience for your blog!

You don’t need to worry that there are millions of other bloggers out there. You‚Äôre not trying to get the¬†WHOLE INTERNET¬†to read your blog.

A blog about football is not meant to be read by avid gardeners. Every niche as its OWN audience.

All your blog needs is it’s own happy corner of the internet.

That’s why it’s so important to define your niche. You want to become an expert on your niche and FIND YOUR AUDIENCE.

Who do you want to help with your blog? What problem are you solving for them?

My target audience is millennial women, aged 25-38, who have had enough of the 9 to 5 and want to become digital nomads. Women who want MORE from their lives.

For some women, this might be rejecting the corporate world and becoming a teacher. For other girls, they might want to work online and travel the world, as a digital nomad, like I do!

how to start a blog

There is an audience for everyone in this crowded world. A blog is a perfect way to find your people ?

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Now you know that blogging isn’t as scary as you thought it was. It’s time to get going!

Head over to my free How To Start A Blog guide for 2020!

Or, check out the Create And Go Blogging Courses if you’re getting serious about turning blogging into a business.

i want to start a blog but Im scared to start a blog

The most common reasons that people want to start a blog but are scared to do it! Let's delve into the top 4 reasons that stop people from changing their lives with a blog!