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9 Life Challenges In Life To Overcome

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by Camilla Gill

millennial life challenges

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Do you remember when you were in high school and life seemed so easy? The biggest challenges in your life back then were making sure you did your homework and studying for tests.

And now you’re an ‘adult’ and life has turned into one hard challenge after another.

There’s just so much going on in your twenties. You’re busy trying to figure out who you are, what you want to do within your career, friendships change, people move and on top of all that, you’ve got all these bills to pay. It’s a lot.

Do you realize that life can be made simple again? Like back to how it was in high school?

The difference is that nowadays you’re too busy focusing on life’s challenges instead of enjoying the simple things in life. Keep reading to learn how to overcome life’s challenges and get back to living life to the fullest!


How To Overcome 9 Millennial Life Challenges

Challenge 1 – Comparing Yourself To Others

Most millennials are permanently on social media, scrolling through photos of other people’s lives. You’re constantly seeing your friends’ promotions or cute #couplegoals pictures. And instead of feeling happy for them, you wonder why you’re own life isn’t progressing at the same speed. 

How To Overcome – The best way to stop comparing yourself to others is to get off social media. Without social media, you literally won’t be able to compare yourself to others and you will instead start to focus on your own life and what’s important to you. Try it for one month and then tell me how much better you feel about yourself afterward.

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Challenge 2 – Anxiety & Worrying About The Future

Did you know that over 30% of millennials have been diagnosed with anxiety? Anxiety can control your whole life if you don’t get help.

How To Overcome – The first step to managing anxiety is understanding that you are worried about events in the future, often, these are situations are that you have no control other and highly unlikely to happen. Practicing mindfulness and learning how to stay present are incredibly useful tools to help you enjoy life and gain some control back. Alternatively, you could access a therapist to overcome anxiety, BetterHelp has a great article on how to find the right therapist.

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Challenge 3 – Fear Of Failure

One of life’s biggest challenges that you need to overcome if you truly want to be successful, is getting comfortable with taking risks and failing. If you are feeling like your life is boring, average and you’re stuck in a rut then chances are that you are afraid of failure. ‘This is a problem because success happens when you step outside of that comfort zone.

How To Overcome – You can learn how to take risks by starting small. Set yourself mini-challenges each week that force you take a small risk.

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Challenge 4 – Letting Things Go

Instead of focusing on achieving your goals and building new relationships, you are stuck ruminating in the past. You want to try and fix that ugly fight you had with your ex-partner. You wish you could go back and retake that entrance exam. You struggle with forgiving your best friend for letting you down.

How To Overcome – If any of those situations sound familiar, then you need to overcome this life challenge and learn how to let things go. There’s no way you can change your past. Instead of constantly replaying memories in your head, focus on learning from your mistakes and seeing what important lessons you can learn from them. 


Challenge 5: Self-Esteem

Lots of life’s challenges can be traced back to having low self-esteem. Low self-confidence is holding back millennials all over the world from going after their dreams and achieving their goals.

How To Overcome – A great first step to building your self-esteem is by reading self-help books. They can teach you easy, actionable tools to help improve your value and self-worth. Which will positively impact every aspect of your life.

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Challenge 6: Not Being Patient

The millennial generation is often called the ‘Microwave Generation’ because we expect to become overnight successes in our chosen careers. We label ourselves as failures if we’re not in a C-Suite job by age 30.

How To Overcome – There’s a reason why patience is a virtue; because it’s a hard skill to master. Patience is acquired with daily practice and meditation is a great way to achieve this.

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Challenge 7: Hating Your Job

Waking up every day only to head to a job you hate, can make everyday life a real challenge and can be a cause of depression for many young adults. If you’re serious about finding success in life, then you’re going to need to find a career path that aligns with your values.

How To Overcome – You probably can’t make an instant switch in your career overnight, so it’s time to try and focus on the positives of your current work situation. What are the good aspects of your job? What areas could you improve?

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Challenge 8: Financial Stability

Nearly half of all millennials have no idea how much money they have in their savings account, and that’s if they even have a savings account at all. Becoming financially stable might appear to be the most difficult of all life’s challenges as an adult. But if you want to have a stress free future, then it’s time to face your money worries head-on.

How To Overcome It – Take control of your finances by auditing your incomings and outgoings and setting a strict budget. Start putting a little money aside every week by setting up an automatic direct debit.


Challenge 9: Not Giving Back

Learning that one of the secrets to happiness in life is giving back is a big challenge to learn. But, once you learn it, your life will be so much more successful. Shift the focus from taking and consuming to creating and giving to people.

How To Overcome It – Start to give more than you receive. You will quickly learn giving more will bring a ton of happiness and purpose to your life. Give your time to others without demanding it in return. Stop being a scrooge with your money and use it for other benefits.


9 Life Challenges Holding Millennials Back.