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Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Full-Time Job – Part 2

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Camilla Gill

Pros and Cons of Freelancing Vs Office Job Instagram Roll

This is the follow-up post to Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Full-Time Job – Part 1

Last week I wrote a post on the pros and cons of freelancing vs full-time job.

Clearly, I wasn’t having a good day because I bitched about everything to do with freelancing. (Read Here)

I must have left you thinking the impression that I actually hate my digital nomad life and that freelancing is horrible. 

Following on from that rather . . . um . . . cathartic. . .  post, I thought I better write a sequel highlighting the many positive aspects to freelancing and being a digital nomad.

My aim is to get people dreaming of a life that doesn’t follow the norms, and maybe that’s travelling while working online for some people.

BUT, freelancing or remote work is not for everyone.

And that’s why I wanted to do a pros and cons of freelancing vs full-time job. To give you a clear idea if this lifestyle could be a real possibility.

The pros and cons of freelancing vs office job will help you decide if being a digital nomad and working remotely could realistically be an option for you.

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Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Office Job

Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Full-Time Job – The Sequel

1 Travel

Let’s get real, travel is why most people want to start being a digital nomad.

And I’m not going to lie, it’s a pretty cool plus of the job. 

This year I’ve spent 6 months in Brazil, 2 months in Argentina and next month I’m going to Ecuador for a month before seeing where the wind takes me.

I think I’ve spent more of the year in a bikini and shorts than any other outfit. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being able to spend so much time by the beach is a true privilege and one I feel grateful for every day.

Can you think of another job that allows you to do that?

Remote work is on the rise and research predicts that by 2025, research indicates the remote work will equal, if not surpass, fixed office locations. 


That’s a pretty cool prediction, it means that being a digital nomad is possible for people in full-time jobs.

You won’t have to become self-employed to be able to take advantage of remote work.

But if you don’t want to wait until 2025 to take advantage of remote work, you could always get started on becoming self-employed now.

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'I hate my work' advice

2 New Experiences

You know that feeling of ‘Is this it? Is this my life forever now?’

Is your life always going to be a never ending cycle of bills, Love Island and and waiting for your two weeks holiday per year?

Yeh, that feeling.

You don’t get that when you’re a digital nomad.

A digital nomad’s life is constantly changing, full of exciting adventures and new people all the time.

However, I don’t think the digital nomad life is meant to be forever. Humans need longterm, stable friendships and routine, that comes from living in a fixed place.

But for now, while I’m still young and free. I’m going to take advantage and live life to the max!

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Paradise - Quit your job to travel

3 #BossBitch

It’s been three years since I’ve had a direct boss. And, boy, I do not miss it.

No matter how bad things get, I can’t imagine myself being employed by someone again.

Having a boss wasn’t personally right for me.

It drained me and led me to not feeling in control of my life.

BUT, I can only talk for myself.

They say happiness comes when you are living a life authentic to you. I agree.

And if you don’t mind having a boss then probably being a digital nomad isn’t for you.

However, if you’re anything like me and HATE being told what to do. . .  then maybe a freelancing lifestyle could be a good fit?

Being your own boss isn’t for everyone.

If you are happy in your job then don’t feel you need to quit and start a company in the vain hope of becoming happier.

Just because being a digital nomad works for me, that doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.

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4 Freedom

When you’re in charge, you’re free to design your day and spend it how you want.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to choose how and when you want to work.

For example, my  day starts when I wake up naturally, then I take a shower and get ready. All at my own pace. No alarms.

Some days I don’t feel like working, so I don’t work. (More likely, I have a hangover and that’s why I don’t want to work, but shh, don’t tell my Mum.)

If I don’t work one day, I know that I can make it up the next day or work a weekend instead.

There’s no one telling me what to do and when to do it, so I take full advantage.

My life is mine. No one else’s. 

Looking at the pros and cons of freelancing Vs full-time job, having the freedom to design my schedule is probably my favourite plus point.

However. . . don’t get me wrong.

Freelancing is a lot harder than a normal office job.

There’s no room for coasting. Everything related to your success depends on you.

Since going freelance, I work 10x harder than I ever did previously.

As a freelancer, you do have to work harder, which means you might actually have less free time as a freelancer than when you were in a full-time job.

People who spend extended amounts of time with me often tell me that I work too much, I need to learn to chill out more.

But to me, my work is enjoyable. I’m in charge of my destiny.

The trade off is worth it.

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Digital Nomad Meaning - After work drinks

5 Unlimited Income

Imagine being able to decide your salary. Being free to name a figure and do everything possible to make that figure a reality.

Unlimited Income.

When you’re a digital nomad, most of the time you’re self-employed and with this comes the amazing concept of unlimited income.

I know how much I can earn as a digital nomad is directly related to how hard I work.

The harder the work, the more I earn.

This incentivizes me to work 10x harder than I ever worked in a full-time job.

When I was in a full-time office job, my income was fixed.

It didn’t matter how hard I worked, I was still going to earn the same amount. 

As a result, I was often lazy and apethetic in my jobs.

I would start a new office job, feel super excited about my career opportunities, and then, a couple months later, I would be bored and listless. 

Simply put, I didn’t care if the work got done or not.

What did it matter?

I would still get paid at the end of the month.

It’s an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning and be in charge of your destiny, to literally decide on a salary.

How much I make as a digital nomad is entirely dependent on me. I love that.

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Conclusion To Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Full-Time Job

Between this post and my previous post on the subject, I hope I’ve managed to give you a balanced outlook on freelancing and the digital nomad lifestyle.

Remember, just because social media makes being a digital nomad look like nothing but endless cocktails and sunbathing sessions, the reality isn’t actually like that.

Being self-employed involves a lot of hard work and it can get stressful trying to balance travel and work at the same time.

I love this lifestyle, it works for me. But that doesn’t mean that it would work for you.

Follow your path, no one else’s.

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Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Full-Time Job

The best and worst parts of freelancing! The sequel to the Pros And Cons Of Freelancing Vs Full-Time Job - Part 1. Is being a digital nomad right for you?


  1. What an awesome post! I’ve always dreamt about being a digital nomad, but obviously the reality is far more work than it appears! Congratulations on creating such an amazing life for yourself!