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Series: Private Labelling On Amazon FBA – Coffee Brand Ep. 1

You want to learn the ins and outs of how to do private label on Amazon?

Stick with me and follow along with this series as I learn as I go along. Maybe you can avoid my mistakes!

I’ve spent the last three years living in Cali, Colombia.

Step by step - How to do private label on Amazon

I love it here; warm climate and infectious salsa rhythm make it a very agreeable place to live.

For some time now, I’ve been thinking of different products that I could private label on Amazon and sell in the UK.

I chose coffee

Who doesn’t enjoy coffee?

It’s delicious, has a long shelf life, easy to transport and everyone in the UK loves to drink a cup or 12 each day.

The UK coffee market is booming and shows no signs of slowing down yet!

In fact, the problem is getting so bad, we may soon need to turn in our world title of Nation Of Tea Lovers.

But for me, as someone who is wanting to export luxury coffee to the UK, this is fantastic news.

My plan is to start selling luxury, organic, sustainably grown coffee in the UK.

Learning mistake by mistake - How to do private label on Amazon

Fair prices for coffee growers

I want to ensure that I pay the farmers a fair price for their beans, as far too often in Colombia, it is a lot more profitable for farmers to illegally grow cocaine or marijuana.

Farmers feel forced to grow coca instead of coffee because the going rates for legal produce isn’t enough to provide for their families.

I want to raise awareness about the unfair prices many coffee farmers are paid and do something to change this.

I plan to document my journey on here so that I can help others who want to learn how to do private label on Amazon.

In this post, I’ll just explain how I sourced the coffee.

In the upcoming posts, I will document the exporting, packaging, legal issues, branding and getting registered on Amazon.

Step 1 – Find a luxury coffee to sell!

Colombia is famous for its coffee.

They have the perfect weather conditions, rich volcanic soils, and traditional farming methods.

Mix them all together and you’re soon drinking the most perfect of cups.

And the figures don’t lie, Colombia is the third largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil and Vietnam.

There are lots of coffee wholesalers in the UK who could provide me with the exact kind of coffee that I’m after, a delectable cup of organically grown, single-origin black gold.

However, my problem with these British wholesalers is that I would have no idea where exactly the coffee came from.

Step 2 – Convince the farmers to sell me the coffee

I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was based here in Cali, right next to the world famous Colombian coffee region.

I was determined to find a small finca where I could buy the coffee directly from them. Making sure to pay the coffee farmers a fair price and cut out all the middlemen.

Private label on Amazon can be hard to get right on the profits so I need to make sure that there are as few links in the chain in possible.

I tried various coffees from small businesses around Cali but nothing was quite right for my English tastes.

It was one day while I was sipping on a delicious Americano in my favourite independent coffee shop that I realised the answer was quite literally under my nose.

This was the coffee to sell!

The coffee came from a small family business with a cafe in the municipal food market nearby.

The very next day I went to visit the two brothers, Andres and Camilo, who have been involved in their family’s coffee farm  for years.

Seven years ago they decided to take control of the supply chain and stop selling to the big boys. Their business is going from strength to strength and hopefully more coffee growers in Colombia will be able to follow in their footsteps.

About the coffee

The coffee comes from a beautiful finca called Bella Vista in the gorgeous region of Cauca, and at an altitude of 1800m.

Caucan coffee growers are famous for their love of the land and taking special care in the processing and production of coffee. The community is at the heart of all their work.

Coffee production is unique in Cauca because it is nearly always artisanal, undertaken by the grower and his family, friends and other members of the community who share in the work.

This helps to continue a tradition that has notably influenced the quality of the product and, in turn, its recognition and reputation abroad.

How to do private label on Amazon- Coffee region Colombia

The coffee I have chosen to sell is exceptional in its quality.

The family has been growing coffee for decades and they use traditional sustainable methods to help future generations enjoy the environment around them.

The family process the coffee from beans to roasting using their endless knowledge of coffee farming.

It is 100% organically grown and the finca is sustainably farmed.

Sell it as it is

I wanted my coffee exactly as they sold it in my favourite coffee shop; a medium roast with a rich full-bodied flavour, and my favourite part – notes of chocolate. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S. 

It smells and tastes amazing, always helping to get my day off to the right start in the morning!

With step one all done, I just had to work out how to get it to the UK…

Find out how I get on in the next episode of how to do private label on Amazon.

Episode 2 – Exporting and brand design

Figuring out how to do private label on Amazon can be complicated. Follow along with me and learn from my mistakes on what not to do!