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The Downsides Of Blogging That Most Bloggers Don’t Share

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Camilla Gill

is blogging worth it


If you google ‘Blogging’ on any given day, you would be forgiven for thinking that blogging is the holy grail of careers, but is blogging worth it?

Too many blogging sites these days only paint the pros of blogging, imagining a beautiful tropical island where all the pro bloggers live and sip cocktails all day long poolside while earning millions of dollars.

Blogging isn’t for everyone.

There are plenty of downsides in the world of blogging and this list is here to share the truth about blogging.

Dish the dirty on blogging and share the insider secrets that most other bloggers won’t tell you.


1 Blogging isn’t easy


Blogging is more than simply writing a blog post every now and again.

Setting up a blog is exciting. I get it.

You choose a pretty WordPress theme and spend a while getting your blog to look how you want it.

Then you get to write a few blog posts and you feel super motivated. All you have to do is click publish and the hard work is done, right?


Only once you’ve written your posts is when the real work starts. You have to put in the time and effort consistently to self-promote your blog and get it out there on the world wide web.

From chatting to other bloggers, the self-promotion is where a lot of bloggers fall down. Most bloggers aren’t willing to put in the hard work to get their blog known and generate consistent traffic.

Although it’s incredibly draining to have to consistently self-promote and market your content, the results will be worth it in the end. IF you keep going and don’t give up.


2 Information overload


Speaking of marketing a blog reminds me that there is so much to learn when setting up a blog. There are so many different facets to consider.

Getting your head WordPress is just the beginning.

You have to begin process of learning about the importance of email lists, organic traffic, sponsored posts, affiliate markets, adverts, digital products, the list goes on and on.

It can feel overwhelming and I suffered from information overload at the beginning for sure.

That’s why I recommend investing in a really good blogging course that breaks it all down and explains it all easily. I bought the Create And Go beginners blogging course and I am SO GLAD I did.

The creators, Alex and Lauren, have created a fantastic course that is easy to follow and I have learned so much.

I managed to make my blog profitable in no time at all thanks to these guys.

They broke down the process into easy to follow steps and I was able to build my knowledge in digestible steps without getting overwhelmed. 

I know that I would not have been successful without the course. Thank you Alex and Lauren!

Check out my review on the Make Money Blogging For Beginners course Here


3 Finding topics to write about


When you first start out blogging it seems like you will never run out of ideas to blog about.

You’re an ideas machine, constantly coming up with incredible, worthwhile content ideas.

NEWS FLASH: You will run out of original ideas!

It’s a lot harder than you think to consistently keep coming up with fresh and exciting ideas to write about your topic.

Often it seems as if the internet has already written everything there is to know about everything in the world already!

You need to keep reading about your topic every day; researching and learning everything there is to know.

It can be tiring but the positive upside of all this reading is that you will learn so much more!

Since I began Your Green Grass Project, my own self-improvement knowledge has increased.

My own personal development has moved forward as a result, that has made blogging worth it for me.


4 The time needed

Many people think of blogging as an easy part-time hobby. And it can be, as long as you are not interested in anyone actually reading your thoughts. If all you want is a private journal or an online CV/resume, then starting a blog can be quick and easy.

If you are serious about growing a following, you need to put in consistent, regular hours in order to make your blog a success.

Blogging is a real commitment but one that has so many benefits as well.

This post asking is blogging worth it has been a bit negative about the realities of blogging but I wanted to keep things real for my readers.

The reality is that bloggers work very hard for their money and they deserve every penny.

Being a blogger is a great career choice for those who need a more flexible schedule and if you are willing to put in the work then I would recommend you to give it a go, to make it easier on yourself, I would really recommend a course like the ones offered by Create And Go. 

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is blogging worth it




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Let Me Tell How It Really Is As A Blogger. Is blogging worth it in 2019? I'm here to tell you downsides of blogging, the stuff bloggers don't want to share!


  1. Thank you for this much needed article. There are too many articles out there just saying how wonderful everything is when you’re blogging. This one sheds light onto some of the realities of blogging that no one wants to talk about.