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Top 5 SEO Tips For Beginner Bloggers

seo tips for beginner bloggers

SEO is made out to be so complicated and technical when in reality it’s just a fancy anagram for how to use Google!

The point of SEO is to send visitors to your blog. Here are my top SEO tips for beginner bloggers.


Put simply SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

All this means for bloggers is that you want to make sure your blog posts are optimized for search engines.

When someone searches for a certain topic or asks a question on Google, you want your related blog posts to be on the first couple of pages of the Google search results.

There are loads of helpful FREE resources out there to help you learn the basics of SEO.

Neil Patel is my favorite FOR BEGINNERS. He has heaps of useful information about SEO. Definitely check his blog out.

I’ve only been implementing these SEO tips since June 2019. But I have seen a massive spike in my traffic that comes from Google and it continues to grow each month!


One thing I will say is that self-hosted websites tend to rank better when it comes to SEO. If you plan on making money with your blog then you will need to go self-hosted.

If you are still using a free service for your blog but are thinking about switching over to self-hosting. You can use my favorite self-host, Bluehost!

With Bluehost, you don’t need to be a technical wizard to set up a website. They have a super easy one-button WordPress installer. AND are really affordable – their plans are from $3.95/month.

If you’re interested in signing up for a self-hosted website then use my link for a discount!

The reason I love Bluehost is for their customer service, when I first started blogging I actually went with a cheaper competitor but it was all so hard to understand that I quickly changed over to Bluehost!

Once you’re up blogging, we can move on to my top 5 SEO tips for beginner bloggers.

If you’re still learning about the basics and are looking for a beginners blogging course, I would reccomend the Create And Go Course.

Their Launch Your Blog course explains blogging from A to Z in non-technical terms.

Heaven! if you’re interested, have a quick look here.

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Before you write each blog post, you will want to do some eyword research to find out what people are searching for on Google related to your blog post.

A keyword is a word or phrase that Google picks up on when searching through search results.

For example, if I write a blog post on 20 Ideas Homemade Christmas Decorations In 2019, my chosen keyword phrase would be ‘Homemade Christmas Decorations’.

I would recommend going for longtail keywords because there is less competition.

The best free tool to use for this is Neil Patel’s UberSuggest.

UberSuggest is completely free and helps you come up with alternative ideas for keywords if your original keyword has too much competition.

Ideally, you want to choose keywords that have low-competition, with a monthly search volume of less than 300.

Anything more than a 1000 and you will be competing with the bigger websites.

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seo tips for beginners


Once you have decided on your keywords for a post (don’t choose more than three, Google doesn’t like it if you ‘keyword’ stuff in a blog post).

The next step is to utilize the fantastic YOAST plugin.

If you are self-hosted on WordPress then you can use all the free plugins!

The absolute best SEO plugin to use is Yoast.

You don’t need to pay for the premium version, the free one is more than enough.

When you have chosen your keyword pop it into YOAST. Then YOAST will give your post a rating with helpful tips on how to optimize.

It’s really straightforward and easy to use!

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Any content marketing strategy (another fancy phrase that just means using blog posts to drive traffic to your website) should be putting the value at its core.

Google is getting stricter and stricter, they are looking for the blog posts that help solve a problem.

What value can you offer to your readers?

Each blog post you write should be answering a question or providing useful information to your site’s visitors.


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Lots of bloggers find that the more often they post, the better their Google traffic is. BUT, consistency is most important.

If you can only post once a week or every two weeks, it’s better to do that than post three times in a row but then have a month when you don’t post anything at all.

Personally, I post between one to two times a week and I’m getting good results from that.

Google really favors longer posts over short posts.

Make sure all your blog posts are over 1000 words but if you can get them up to 2000 words, then that is even better!

Why does Google like longer posts?

REMEMBER – Google favors useful content that solves a reader’s problem, and a long post is likely to be a lot more informative than a short 800 post on what you ate for breakfast.


Internal linking is when you link to your other blog posts in each post.

This means that you are “linking back” to related posts that you have already published.

For example, notice in this blog post that I end each point with a related blog post? it’s a good idea to have internal links on all your posts.

Internal linking also helps your blog visitors click on to other pages on your website.

You will have more page views on your site and your blog bounce rate will go down.

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These are my 5 SEO tips for beginner bloggers but do you have any useful advice that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments or shoot me an email!

People like to pretend SEO is complicated, but I'm here to show you it's not. My top 5 SEO tips for beginner bloggers!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I’ll be giving UberSuggest a try since finding keywords that aren’t over-saturated takes me forever!

    • Yes, definitely check out UberSuggest, I’m loving it especially since Keywords Everywhere became a paid for tool 🙁

  2. Thanks for the tips. I will incorporate longer posts! That’s interesting though because I prefer reading shorter posts. Getting straight to the point instead of added talk. That’s why I make mine short, sweet and to the point.

  3. These are some great SEO tips! Once I switched to self-hosted wordpress, the Yoast plugin has been a life saver! I don’t know what I did without it!

  4. Thank you for the tips! I am someone who is seriously not the greatest at understanding and using SEO!