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How Do Bloggers Make Money From Blogging?

Last Updated on July 7, 2020 by Camilla Gill

how do bloggers make money blogging

If you’ve ever seen a blog (and in 2020, you’ve definitely come across a blog or two by now!) Then you’ve probably thought to yourself ‘How hard is it to make money blogging?

Most people seem to think that bloggers making money from blogging is an internet urban myth.


You can absolutely make money from blogging in a multitude of ways.

And when I say ‘You’, I mean YOU!



Blogging is amazing because anyone can start a blog for free.

Although, if you know that you DO you want to monetize your blog.

Then you will need a self-hosted domain. This is when the blog is called instead of or

I recommend Bluehost to anyone wanting to start a blog. Prices start from about $4.00 per month! 

The difference between hosted vs self-hosted means that you are able to monetize your website because you own it. 

With a self-hosted blog, you have your own domain.

(psst…If you’re still at the beginner stages of blogging and want to find out more, I wrote a post on 5 reasons to start a blog!)


It’s exciting starting a blog, but if you want to make money with your blog then you will need to learn HOW TO BLOG. Think about it. If you are going to start any business, you need to learn about the business first! Blogging is no different.

That’s why I decided to invest in the Launch Your Blog Business Course from Create And Go! Their blogging course is the best course for any millennial who wants to achieve freedom in their life and escape the 9-5.

Lauren and Alex (the guys behind Create And Go) were two regular people until they decided to go all in and build a fitness blog.

Within 4 months, their health and fitness blog was making over $20,000 A MONTH!

Now they sell their knowledge on how to build a successful blog via

Create And Go Courses



You could be writing the best blog posts in the world.

However, if no one knows about your posts then how are you going to make money?

Driving traffic to your blog is essential if you want to make money blogging.

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How do you drive traffic to your blog though?

The best way to start driving traffic is to choose one social media platform and focus all your energy there.

The best platforms for bloggers at the moment are

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Quora
  • Instagram

Did you know that Pinterest is now the SECOND BIGGEST DRIVER OF ALL BLOG TRAFFIC?

If you want to make money blogging then you need to live on Pinterest.

I bought Elle Duclos’ Pinterest course, within 2 weeks, my Pinterest traffic went from 20,000 to 500,000!!!!

Elle’s course is super affordable at less than $50. Definitely well worth the money! 

make money blogging


I also like to promote my blog on Quora.

It’s important to know who your blog’s audience is and mine is millennials, and millennials LOVE Quora.

A great thing about Quora is that the traffic is evergreen. This means that answers to questions I wrote months ago still generate plenty of traffic today!

Check out my guide to how to increase traffic using Quora.




If you’re a bit further along and already have your blog set up with healthy traffic flow.

It’s time to start thinking about how you want to monetize your blog and start making money!

There are four main ways to make money from a blog.


This is by far the most popular way to make money from a blog.

Like anything though, you need a strategy.

I admit, when I first started blogging, I had no idea how affiliate marketing was.

After a couple months of struggling, I bought Create And Go’s course on How To Make Money Blogging.The course explains how to make money with affiliate marketing. 

Detailed Review Of The Create And Go Blogging Course

Create And Go Course Review


There are good things and bad things to making money with ads.

The good thing is that you can start making money with ads almost straight away using Google Adsense.

The bad news is that unless your traffic is in the tens of thousands, it won’t be any significant kind of income.

Aim to get over 25,000 page views a month. Then you can apply for MediaVine, they pay much more than most publishers.

I’m talking thousands of dollars.

I use Ezoic, you can apply for them when your blog reaches 10,000 page views a month.



Different companies and brands can reach out to you, asking you to write a sponsored post promoting their company or product.

This is something I don’t know much about but I am currently learning about it in the Create And Go blogging course.

Seriously, this course is great!

The course gives you the template you need to start a successful blog and make money!  

Read my review of the Create & Go Course HERE!


Bloggers who make money from blogging, the ones who make SERIOUS MONEY, do it one of two ways.

They either sell high-value affiliate products OR they create their own digital product.

Creating and selling your own digital product is a fantastic idea because you will get to keep 100% of the profits. 

The great thing about digital products is that there are lots of different things you could create.

Here are a few ideas of digital products you could create!

  • Weight loss guide
  • Printable calendar
  • Courses
  • Digital artwork
  • Fitness Routines
  • Recipe book
  • Printable Journal

There are plenty of different ideas to suit every niche!

Focus on delivering value to your readers and you could have thousands of happy customers!

I hope you liked this post on how bloggers make money from blogging.

Blogging is a real career possibility for anybody who is determined to live life their way!


how hard is it to make money blogging






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