Why fitness is the key to motivation and success

My Body Transformation Story - How Fitness Changed My Life

Fitness changed my life. My body transformation story as a female is not just about weight loss.

My before and after photos do not show just weight loss, they show a woman who MASTERED the key to success.


The key to success is perseverance and habits.

The problem with habits is that the ability to form consistent habits is not that easy – you need to build self-discipline.

When someone sets a new goal, they are swept up in a tidal wave of excitement and motivation, riding the motivation wave for a few days, or even a couple of weeks, until that wave breaks.

What happens? They don’t see any immediate success and become bored.

They realize that becoming a millionaire in a month isn’t actually possible. And so, the motivation wave breaks and spits them out.

Left lying bedraggled on the sand and feeling very much not motivated.

Wave of Motivation  


Body Tranformation story

I used to live in Portugal and my first summer there, I worked in the bars, partying six nights a week and lying on a beach all day.

Which was great until I started to feel permanently sick and also a bit low in my mood as well, so a friend suggested that we joined a gym together.

At first getting to the gym three times a week seemed like Mission Impossible, but having an accountability buddy really helped me.

I’ll admit, at first, I definitely didn’t enjoy working out.

I thought it was boring and I wasn’t seeing any immediate progress in my fitness levels or changes in my body but still, my accountability buddy kept me on track.

After a couple weeks though, I began to enjoy the endorphin high that I felt after working out or the sense of achievement at lifting a heavier weight or running a faster mile.

Then, all of sudden, one day I woke up and God said to me, “YOU WILL ENJOY THE GYM”.


That didn’t really happen, but it did sort of feel like a miracle. Because, after a month or so of dragging myself to the gym, I started to see my body change.

I was losing weight and mentally feeling geat! 

The gym became something I enjoyed, I liked the way I was feeling both physically and mentally.

One day I looked in the mirror and had a six pack! Boom – my own personal body transformation story, my own inspiration weight loss before and after!

I had formed a habit, but even better than that, I had changed my behavior. I had developed self-discipline. 

Inspirational Fitness Story - Before and after photo


It was as if a lightbulb went off in my head, I realised that if I could stick at the gym then I could stick at other things too.

When I first started freelancing, I knew from doing my research that it could take months to get consistent work. It took me about 6 months of consistent hard work before I was able to support myself.

Thanks to my self-discipline, I stuck at it and launched a successful freelancing career for myself.

If you look around at other successful people in your life, nine times out of ten they too will have that self-discipline. They didn’t give up when times got tough (or more likely, when times got boring), they stuck with their goal and after a while, they began to see results.

It’s not fun to go to the gym when it’s dark and cold, but self-discipline will get you there.

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It’s consistency that sees results, it will be self-discipline that drags you to the gym when all you want to do is watch a movie on the couch with a big bar of chocolate.

It doesn’t have to be the gym though. You can form any kind of healthy habit like reading something educational every day, writing 500 words daily or daily meditation.

However, it does need to be something that has a positive effect on your life and most importantly, it needs to be consistent.

The key is that the action you’re taking is small and easy enough for you to do it everyday. Don’t try and run a marathon every day basically.

When you’re in the early days of developing self-discipline, you will need to see progress quickly in order to stay motivated and that’s why fitness is so great.

With fitness you can transform your body pretty quick, after eating right and working out for just a week you will lose weight.

You can set little goals every week and hit them right on track, leaving you feeling motivated and building strong foundations for self-discipline.

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In conclusion, developing the habit of working out and losing weight is the best way to unlock success in your life.

Experiencing your own weight loss transformation is a gateway tool for making your little patch of grass greener. 

My Weight Loss Before And After