Digital Nomad Jobs – How To Be A Digital Nomad With No Skills

online jobs that don't need a degree

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Become a digital nomad even if you have no skills with these three digital nomad job ideas and careers!

Finding a remote job online isn’t hard if you put your mind to it and it definitely doesn’t matter if you don’t have a degree. You can still find a remote job without a degree in 2020. 

How I Became A Digial Nomad With No Skills

I am proof that anyone can become a digital nomad with no skills. 4 years ago, I started on Upwork and over one year, I became a top-rated freelancer earning a full-time income

I wrote an ebook guide all about how to become successful on Upwork if you’re interested in freelancing.

Freelancing and being a digital nomad means I am free to live my life on my terms. Being able to work from anywhere in the world is something I am extremely grateful for. I am proud that with hard work and consistency, I managed to make a location independent lifestyle for myself.

Even more so, because I became a digital nomad without any skills.

Nowadays I make money from this blog and also do freelance SEO consulting, but this evolved over a few years.

Start Off Small

Many digital nomads start off doing online jobs like data entry or transcription. They aren’t sexy jobs but they pay the bills.

These jobs are what many people would consider boring but the successful digital nomads realised that they weren’t boring jobs. . .They are gateway jobs, stepping stones to a digital nomad lifestyle.

If you really want to find remote work, check out these top three online jobs and the best part is that you don’t need a degree either.

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3 Online Jobs, You Can Do Without A Degree

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is a great option for many beginners who are wanting to work online but don’t have any skills yet.

Typical Virtual Assistant tasks can include email account management, customer service, content creation, video editing, social media manager. As you can see, a whole host of varied and exciting responsibilities!

Remember, that everyone was a beginner at some point and the great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you are paid to explore different possible career options. 

So, if one of your responsibilities involves marketing and you find yourself becoming more and more interested in online marketing, then that could lead to a career as an online marketer!

Or, perhaps, you could apply for a remote job with a company as a marketing professional! If you are interested in becoming a virtual assistant, then check out t

The easiest way to become a virtual assistant as a beginner is to go through a freelancing platform such as Upwork. There are thousands of jobs listed all around the world and lots of them are for virtual assistants! 

Melissa Smith is the founder of the Association of Virtual Assistants and she wrote an amazing book called ‘Become A Successful Virtual Assistant: Learn the Business Side & Ditch 9 to 5’. Her book will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful VA.

Or check out these affordable online courses that teach you how to run a remote business as an Virtual Assistant.

Become a Virtual Assistantshow?id=pv7mME0Xjeo&bids=507388‘ A 5 tutorial virtual assistant training course that teaches the skills both large companies and small business entrepreneurs are looking for. You’ll also learn how to start a Virtual Assistance business, including how to get clients and what to charge.’

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Once you become more professional though, you might want to cut out the middle man and that’s why it’s a good idea to have a personal website where you can present yourself and your services.

Think of it like a resume or a business card! It’s cheap to set up a simple website too, read this guide on how to set up a website quickly and inexpensively.

I write a lot about Upwork on this website, so please check out some of my related posts on Upwork to learn more about how you can get started as a virtual assistant. I also wrote an ebook on how to become successful on Upwork, the book lays out the step-by-step process to succeed as a freelancer.

Upwork Your Way To Freedom Ebook


Content Writer

Working as a writer for online publications is another in-demand job as the web is constantly in need of fresh content! To get started as a content writer it’s a good idea to have your own blog to showcase your writing style to possible clients.

How to start a blog

It can be hard to get established as a beginner writer. The hardest part is finding clients, that’s why platforms like Upwork are great for helping to find new clients, then you can show them your personal blog as your work portfolio. 

The trick to making yourself stand out as a writer is to specialize in just one subject. If you love yoga, become an expert in Yoga articles. Love knitting? Then you can carve out an income as a knitting and sewing writer.

The internet is big enough for you to make an income in any subject if you dedicate yourself and work hard.

Udemy has thousands of courses to get you started in any digital nomad career you choose. Their freelance writing courses are amazing and are usually on offer for $20.00 or less.

Online Course: How To Start a Freelance Writing Career

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Teaching English Online

Teaching English online has developed into a huge industry over the past five years and it makes sense. If you have a stable internet connection and a good quality webcam, then any fluent English speaker is able to make a good living online!

People who pursue English teaching make between $15 to $25/hour! 

This is a good wage in any country but imagine how far that wage could go to Bali or Brazil where living costs are a lot lower!

The benefits of being paid to teach English are numerous, but for the purpose of this post, obviously, the most important advantage is that you can teach English online from anywhere in the world!

Lots of people seem to think that to teach English online you need to have a Bachelor’s degree, but this isn’t the case! There are reputable companies out there employing people to teach English, the most well-known is VIPKID. Pay starts at $15/hour and soon rises to $25/hour with their incentives. 

Another great thing about VIPKID is that they provide you with all the materials and lesson plans.

Check out VIPKID for more information.

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Final Words On How To Be A Digital Nomad 

Perhaps none of the above three online remote careers appeal to you but don’t despair.

This was just a sample of possible ideas you can explore to create a digital nomad career for yourself and achieve your dream of working online anywhere in the world.

The real secret to becoming a digital nomad and finding an online job that you can do without a degree is hard work and consistency.

Follow that advice and I can guarantee that you will be able to find an online job without a degree that will lead you to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

3 digital nomad jobs that don't need a degree