Digital Nomad Life

What is backpacking - Me with my suitcase

What Is Backpacking?

What is backpacking and why I hate it! The REAL lowdown on backpacking and a surprising alternative to consider when you’re planning that expensive trip

How much do digital nomads make - Karo's mural

How Much Do Digital Nomads Make?

Have you ever googled how much do digital nomads make only to find some vague, out of date figures? Find out how my digital nomad salary went from $1400/month to $50,000 a year!

Digital Nomad Meaning

What Is A Digital Nomad?

What is a digital nomad and what it’s really like! This posts explains the digital nomad meaning and outlines the pros and cons of working remotely.

find work overseas with no experience

How to get a job abroad without experience

Have you always wondered how to get a job abroad without experience? I have done it in Portugal, Brazil and Colombia. Let me show you that it is easy to do! 2019 Guide for working abroad.