How To Get Work On Upwork (With No Experience)

Upwork Profile Example - Overview

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The ultimate FREE 2020 guide on how to get work on upwork with no experience,  full of tips and tricks to find Upwork jobs for beginners.

Would you like to make an extra income working online? But you don’t know where to start finding jobs for beginners on Upwork?

When I started on Upwork I was a beginner with no experience and no tangible freelancing skills. Cut forward 2 years and I am making over $4000/month freelancing from Upwork! Read on if you want to learn how to start getting jobs and make money on Upwork even if you don’t have any experience.

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Tip 1 – Create Your Profile

The first Upwork tip is to make sure your Upwork profile is amazing! Your profile is the first thing potential clients see when they are searching for a freelancer – so, let’s make it good!

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– Choose a professional-looking profile photo

– Take your time to write an eye-catching introduction that summarizes what you do in a few sentences.

– Fill out your work history including all relevant experience.

– Uploading any samples of your work as a portfolio.

Take a look at some high ranking freelancers and review their profiles. Don’t be afraid to use other freelancers’ Upwork profiles for inspiration and tips on the kind thing to write in your overview.

What buzzwords and tricks are they using to make their introduction pop? How are they describing their skills?  Do they specialize in one area or are they multi-talented?

For more tips on how to create the perfect Upwork profile, have a look at this upwork profile sample for guidance.

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Once you have completed your profile it is time to submit it for approval. The first time you try and submit your Upwork profile it might get rejected. DON’T GIVE UP.

Instead, go back to your profile and review what you can change or improve.

Could you choose a more unique niche in your work category?

If you’re having trouble getting your Upwork profile approved, then check out this blog post.

I wrote a whole Upwork blog post HERE on how to get Upwork profile approved in 2019 to help with this step. 

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Tip 3 – Win Your First Job

If you’re reading this then Your Upwork profile has been approved – Congratulations!

Now it is time to get your first job on Upwork!

To win jobs on Upwork and make money, you need to build up a good rating on the platform.

Upwork is a gig economy and that means just like Uber or Tripadvisor, your freelancing business will be built on reputation.

But how do you get Upwork reviews without winning work? My number one Upwork tip to getting jobs is to start small.

You’re going to have to lose your ego and accept that you will need to work for a very low hourly rate at first. Before you can start earning good money you will need to accept some low paid jobs. The clients who are willing to pay more will be looking for well-established freelancers.

As an Upwork beginner, It is a lot easier to get low-paid work on Upwork. My first job was $3 for crosschecking a database of 200 addresses. It was so boring and took me about 4 hours! However, when I was applying for the work, I told the client the reason that I was doing it was to get my first review.

The client appreciated my honesty and hired me straight away.

I did the job and he immediately rewarded me with my first 5 stars!

You want to have a couple of jobs completed where you received a five-star review with a glowing testimonial.

SUMMARY – Apply for lots of low paid, quick, easy jobs to build up your Upwork rating.

Have you tried this tip but are you still struggling to get work on Upwork?  Have a read of my guide HERE on why you’re not winning jobs on Upwork and how to start getting jobs!

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Upwork Tip 4 – Apply Selectively

Once you have a couple of low-paid jobs under your belt then you can start upping your fees.  Then, when you have some good reviews on Upwork you will be able to start earning a decent income.

Learning how to get work on Upwork with no experience is half down to knowing how to pick and choose your clients. It is far better to spend more time applying for fewer well-paid jobs but with a strong personalized pitch.

You must carefully select your jobs.  Use the filters to choose clients from similar cultures to yours. I say this because people who are from similar countries to yours will probably have the same attitudes to workplace behavior. Therefore, you will be less likely to clash over jobs.

Also, use the filters to only select Intermediate or Expert jobs. You want clients who value the importance of a dedicated, dependable, and professional freelancer.

Read these top tips on how to win more jobs on Upwork today. 

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Tip 5 – Trust Your Instinct

When you are trying to learn how to be successful on Upwork, please listen to your gut! If you get a funny feeling about a client then trust your instinct – Leave the job well alone.

Some clients are more trouble than it’s worth. (If you do come across a troublesome client, always remain courteous and professional. Everything you write is there on the platform as evidence and can be reviewed by Upwork if you need to settle a dispute.)

Pro Tip – Remember that Upwork nearly always favors the client so any fallout means your success rating will suffer.

Upwork will tell you that with a success rate below 50% you may fail to find work at all. Therefore, it’s really important to try and settle any grievances a client may have with you. Even if that means giving a refund.


Tip 5 – Increase Your Rate

Once you have a few jobs with five-star reviews, you are no longer an Upwork beginner. It is time to increase your hourly rate to reflect your value.

I spent way too many months floating around the $12-15/hour mark because I wasn’t confident enough to sell myself. Eventually, I upped my rate to $25/hour. Then eventually to $35/hour.

Even at $35/hour, I still receive plenty of job opportunities a week. Have a look at what the other high ranking freelancers are charging and put your rate as similar.

I don’t have an actually trained skill like graphic design or legal knowledge but I still managed to get jobs and learn how to be successful on Upwork. I did this by hard work and determination, not giving up even when I thought I wasn’t going to do it.



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