How To Improve Your Self-Esteem As A Woman

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Did you know that women and girls are more likely to suffer from low self worth and low self esteem? This is an issue that needs serious work, here are five ways to improve your self esteem as woman, read on!


What is self-esteem?


High self esteem is feeling good about yourself.

It’s understanding your self worth and knowing your value.

When you start to feel good about yourself, you’ll find your life improving.

You stop allowing people to treat you badly and instead create a life you deserve.


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5 Ways For Women To Improve Their Self Esteem


1. Chuck generic positive affirmations out the window.


Positive self affirmations won’t do anything if they are not of value to you.

Repeating that you are worthy until you’re blue in the face won’t do anything if you don’t really believe it. In fact, it will just make you feel worse about yourself.

First thing you need to do is unlock your self awareness. Get to know yourself.

Alternatively, you could open up a good self-help book!

Spending time alone is another way to explore who you are without the need for outside help. And by alone, I mean time without your phone or laptop.

Use the alone time to think about who you are and what you are good at.

For example, if you know you have good people skills. Write a positive self affirmation around this like ‘I am great with people.”

You want to create positive affirmations that have MEANING.

Each morning and night, write them out. That way, they will always be in your sub-conscious, slowly being absorbed by your mind. 

You can use a cute journal like the one below if you need some prompts to get started.

I also like to read inspirational quotes, here are my favourites positive self esteem quotes.

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2. Focus on your strengths


I’m never going to be a good sports player, I suck at sports like football or tennis but I’m good at dancing.

So, in order to improve my self esteem, I stopped trying to improve my athletic skills.

Instead, I turned my attention to dance lessons.

Engage in the activities you are GOOD at. 

And practice them a lot.

Receiving positive results in your life is key point in how to improve your self-esteem.


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3. Set small goals


Learning how to improve your self-esteem is a PROCESS. It takes time..

It’s a great idea to set small goals that over time accumulate and improve your sense of self worth. 

Small successes will continuously boost your self-confidence and help improve your self-esteem.

Fitness is a great way to quickly see improvements in your self esteem.

Choose a small, attainable goal such as being able to run a mile in the gym without stopping.

The next week increase that goal a little, then a little more, and so on. 

Completing small goals in increments is a lot more successful in the long term.



4. Get off social media! Now!


Countless studies show that social media causes havoc on our self-esteem.

Get off social media and you will be able to stop comparing yourself to others.

When you’re not comparing yourself, you can start to focus on your positive attributes and qualities. And feel gratitude.

When you’re not comparing yourself to Kim Kardashian’s daughter and wishing you were as rich as a five-year-old celebrity, your life will seem a lot better.

If you can’t bring yourself to delete social media, please unfollow any account that makes you feel bad about yourself.

Instead, curate a feed that is full of positive, happy accounts that make you FEEL GOOD about yourself.


5. Exercise!


If I could sing from the rooftops on the numerous benefits of exercise, I would!

When you exercise, you increase motivation, practise setting goals and improve your self worth.

Breaking a sweat also cues the body to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones.

All these benefits add up to help improve your self-esteem as well!


Conclusion on how to improve your self-esteem



1. Write personal self-affirmations.

2. Focus on what you’re good at.

3. Set small, achievable goals.

4. Quit or dramatically change your social media habits.

5. Get that body moving.

If you do at least one of these tips this week, you will definitely learn the illusive answer to how to improve your self-esteem.