How to keep motivated towards your goals.

How to keep motivated


Let’s be honest for a second.

It’s hard to stay motivated to keep working towards your goals month after month.

When you see no progress for your hard work, it can be all too easy to throw in the towel and go back to your comfortable life.

In order to make your goals happen, there needs to be a lot of hard work over a sustained period of time. Some weeks are a spring out of bed and work for 16 hours kind of week.

Other weeks?

It’s a lot tougher to keep motivated. That lazy, slow, pointless feeling takes over.


How do you keep motivated to work towards your goals?


Real talk, right now I’m feeling a bit low in my current situation.

The goal I’m working towards at the moment is making this website become a viable income for me.

I decided to move home for a while so I can cut down on my freelancing hours to save money. This is to be able to put more time into working on this website.

This means that my social life has also taken a bit of a hit.

Living at home isn’t permanent. 

What keeps me going is the knowledge that living back with my parents is a necessary step so that I can achieve my goal faster. I am willing to put up with the lack of privacy so that I can afford more time to work on this website.

I’ve been using these 5 steps to keep me motivated on days when I’m not feeling so great about the current situation.

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1. Display your goal somewhere you will see it every day.


Physically write out your primary goal and stick it on your bedroom mirror.

Make it your computer wallpaper. Set your phone backdrop as your goal. Program a daily reminder on your phone that flashes up with your goal.

Do whatever you want but the aim here is to keep your goal at the forefront of your mind.

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2. Keep reminding yourself that your current situation is part of the long-term vision.


Make sure that your short-term plans are feeding into your long-term goals.

For example, taking your Sunday evenings to prep your meals for the week so that you can stay on track with your weight loss goals.

Or having to study every evening after work, you are doing that to pass your exams and further your career.


3. Form solid habits.


I’ve written about the importance of self-discipline before.

Creating habits and sticking to them is so important.

On the days when you feel particularly low, you can whip your secret self-discipline weapon out.

I don’t feel like promoting blog posts every day, but I’ve trained myself so that it’s become part of my routine.

Now, I do it without it having to force myself to do it now.

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4. Find an ally.


If you’re starting out as an entrepreneur it’s important to find other people who are also going it alone.

Talking to friends who are employed in 9-5 office jobs is great, but sometimes they don’t seem to quite understand. 

Choose a friend who has similar goals to you and when you’re feeling less than motivated, reach out. 

Having someone who is working towards the same goals as you means they will be able to sympathise.

If you have no one near you, join some Facebook groups or even a forum where you can be anonymous if you choose.

The important part is that you are able to offload your problems and gain some support for you to keep working toward your goals.

You’re not alone.

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5. Get comfortable with the struggle.


Rome wasn’t built in a day but yet it seems the modern world has forgotten this fact.

It’s something I call the microwave generation.

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We want everything now, now, now. And we want everything with minimal input from us. Similar to cooking with a microwave.

Every successful person you know has worked very hard for a very long time to get there. They kept going in spite of the struggles and never gave up.

Be the one who believes in you the most. 

And now, your turn:

What are your long-term goals?

What less than ideal situations are you having to deal with right now, in order to achieve those goals?


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