60 Alternatives To 9-5 Jobs

alternatives to 9-5 jobs

Read on for 60 viable alternatives to your soul-sucking office job.

Simply put 9-to-5 jobs suck.

You wake up, get your coffee and rush to the office. 

Then you sit around in a stuffy office, just passing time until lunch, completing tasks that down the line won’t even matter. T

When it’s time to go home, you get stuck in some sort of traffic in your commute, and when you arrive home you’re too exhausted to do anything other than scroll on social media.

You’ve clicked on the article, which means you’ve done the google search, and you’re currently wondering if there is more to your life than your current job.

I want to help you break out of that, so I’ve compiled a list of 60 alternatives to inspire you to make the change (and stick it to the man).

The good thing to know is that yes, there are loads more options than in your current job.

And what’s more, you don’t have to be some Instagram-perfect person to be living your best life.

So whether your dream is travelling the world from top to bottom whilst you work remotely, or if it is just getting to have more you time at home in the morning with your dogs, cats or miniature Russian hamsters. 

In the words of Regina George – ‘Get in Loser, we’re going shopping [for your dream life]’.

How To Find Alternatives To A 9-to-5 job

First things first, some positive affirmation –  your dream life is possible.

Chances are though, most of you won’t want to put in the hard work to get there.

Most of you will be too scared to make the leap.

You care too much about what your friends think and are worried about going against the grain of society.

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If you’re really serious about quitting your 9-5 then be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

Changing careers will most likely involve taking a pay cut for at least a few months, you might also need to retrain or go back to school.

But, what’s worse – having to study again for a year or living the rest of your working life in a soul-sucking corporate office?

60 Alternatives To Office Jobs

Check out this list of jobs that don’t involve a typical office or corporate job set up. Remember that ultimately the only thing that is important is your happiness.

There is a mix of all sorts here. I

want to show you that the typical path of College to Career to Mortgage to Death doesn’t have to be YOUR path.

This list of alternatives is by no means exhaustive.

Yet I want you to feel inspired and get planning your new life!

So, what would your dream job be? Let me know in the comments.

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This group of jobs are all ideas that can be done remotely. There are a few ideas in here that are typical 9-5 jobs but you could take them and turn them into a small business that can take you travelling all over the world.

1. Remote Bookkeeper

2. Project Manager

3. Graphic Designer

4. Virtual Assistant

5. Freelance Copy Writer

6. Human Resources Coordinator

7. Online English Teacher

8. Marketing Support

9. Web Designer

10. Affiliate Marketer

11. Freelance Lawyer

12. Telemedicine

13. Winetasting

14. Online dance teacher

15. Yoga teacher

16. Tutor

17. Online Content Creator

18. Freelance Editor

19. Mixology teacher

20. Music Teacher

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There’s something to be said for working in nature. Lots of people love the chance to spend all day outside AND get paid for it!

21. Groundskeeper

22. Environmental Manager

23. TV Location Manager

24. Landscape Architect

25. Tree Doctor

26. Commercial Diver

27. Lineman

28. Race/Competition Organiser

29. Geologist

30. Tour Guide

31. Turf Manager

32. Sports Instructor

33. Marine Biologist

34. Forest Ranger

35. Tree Surgeon

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Maybe the worst part about an office job for you is the typical 9-5 grind. So, what about a job that works shifts or provides you with the flexibility to choose your own hours?

36. Air Traffic Controller

37. Voice-Over Artist

38. Truck Driver

39. Petroleum Engineer

40. Real Estate Agent

41. Firefighter

42. Physical Therapist

43. Photographer

44. Hotel Concierge

45. Shark Tank Cleaner

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A lot of people quit their office jobs because it doesn’t give them a feeling of purpose.

This group of alternatives to 9-5 jobs focuses on career paths that could provide you with a high level of job satisfaction.

It would be nice going home at the end of the day with a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you made a difference!

46. Nurse

47. Youth Outreach Worker

48. Social Worker

49. Teacher

50. Clergy

51. Marriage Counselor

52. Epidemiologist

53. Psychologist

54. Museum Exhibition Designer

55. Therapist


I mean, someone’s got to be a chocolate taster right?

56. Chocolate Consultant

57. Beer Taster

58. LEGO Sculptor

59. Ethical Hacker

60. Bounty Hunter

So, there you go! You see, you don’t have to stay in your boring office job!

If you’re serious about stepping out of the 9-5 trap, you’ll have to think about Upwork. Check out my ebook here! 


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  2. That’s a great list of job options. I no longer care for the 9 to 5 lifestyle. It was so depressing. Thanks for showing us that there are so many more options available.

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