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Recently (very recently), I started making money with my blog!

I am very excited about this and can contribute this to one thing. . .

The Create And Go blog courses! 

In September of 2018, I purchased the Launch Your Blog Biz course.

It is thanks to this course that I have finally started making money with this blog.

Before I bought this course, I had NO IDEA about email lists or how to generate traffic.

The course showed me step-by-step the exact strategies I needed to use to build a blogging business.

This post is a review of why the Launch Your Blog Biz course is the best blogging course out there for beginner to intermediate bloggers.

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Alex and Lauren at Create and Go


Lauren and Alex are the brains behind Create And Go.

Two millennials who were bored and frustrated with their jobs and wanted to make money and be free to travel.

Lauren was an accountant and Alex was a personal trainer.

“We felt frustrated and indentured to our jobs. We felt like we were trading our hours for dollars and that our time was not our own.”

Does this story sound familiar to you?

The Create And Go’s course is fantastic because their story is relatable.

Also, unlike most bloggers, they don’t only blog about blogging.

Lauren and Alex’s first successful blog was a Health & Fitness Blog called They started it in September 2017 and in just four months, they were making over $20,000 A MONTH!

This showed me that you don’t only have to blog about blogging if you want to make money!

Using the strategies they teach in their course they were able to build TWO successful blogging businesses.

They decided to use the knowledge they had learnt from creating their first successful blog to build another blog.

Create And Go was born and now they make over $100,000 PER MONTH!!!

The reason why I like the course so much is because the lessons taught are the EXACT SAME METHODS they used to build their blogging businesses.

They are 5 courses available –




The Launch Your Blog Biz course is perfect if you are serious about monetizing your blog.

If you already have a blog but are struggling with getting traffic to your website, then this course is for YOU!

This course is aimed at people who are determined to build a successful business from blogging.

If you are wanting to earn $$$ and are willing to put in the hard work over months and not weeks. Then this blogging course is perfect for you.


If you want a free guide to how to start a blog and get started – Check my guide HERE!




First of all, the structure of the Launch Your Blog Biz course is very well laid out and easy to navigate.

They cover ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING related to how to monetize a blog.

The easiest way to make money blogging is through affiliate marketing and this is what the course focuses on.

Below is the course overview at the time of writing in November 2019.

They also have some brilliant bonus lessons that are included free of charge!




  • Introduction and Course Objectives
  • Navigating and Understanding WordPress
  • Blog Themes and Design
  • Blog Content Strategy – How to Create Amazing Content People Love and Share
  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Setting Up Your Email Campaign and Strategy
  • Ads and Sponsored Posts
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Finding and Selling Affiliate Products
  • Blog Traffic Basics
  • Pinterest, YouTube, Google, Facebook
  • Skills, Hacks, and Other Blogging Resources


There are also FREE lessons included from the Six Figure Blogger course as well!

A  HUGE amount of information is included with the course. Making it very good value for money.

This course is really comprehensive and covers everything you need to learn how to monetize your blog and start making money.




The Launch Your Blog Biz course is great for beginner and intermediate bloggers who are serious about turning their blog into a business.

Without this course, you will probably feel lost about starting a blog and most likely won’t earn any money from your blog.

It focuses primarily on affiliate marketing as a way to make money.

This is how I am currently earning money through the blog. Although, soon I would like to create a product to sell so I plan to purchase the Six Figure Blogger Course. 




At the end of the course, I would appreciate something that ties everything together for me.

Perhaps a checklist or quick summary.

Apart from this, the course is so thorough that there isn’t much to improve.

They go over everything A LOT and it is explained in an easy-to-understand manner.




Hopefully, you find my Create And Go Blog Course Review useful.

I tried to be as honest as possible in this review and I think it’s important to make the following point.

As with any course you purchase –  YOU GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT IN!

Alex and Lauren emphasize the importance of hard work and consistency when building a successful blogging business.

It isn’t going to be an overnight success and they really make this known in the course.

You aren’t being a sold a miracle product.

You are buying proven strategies of how to monetize a blog.

If you are serious about creating a successful blogging business and want to start making money with your blog, then this is the course for you.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Create And Go Blogging Courses, CLICK HERE!


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How I Finally Started Making Money Blogging - Create And Go Course Review


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