‘I hate my job’ – This advice is for you

are you a 'i hate my work' person?

Waking up and thinking ‘I hate my job’ is pretty common, so if you clicked on this and you have thought to yourself,  ‘I hate my work.’ Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

When I was working in an office, I hated going into work. It felt like none of my work really mattered.

I would arrive at the office at 9am and my first thought would be how soon I could leave for a coffee break without arousing any suspicions (9:30am if you’re wondering).

Then I would get back from my coffee break and sift through pointless emails. Spin around on my wheely chair, fill in meaningless spreadsheets, chat to friends on Whatsapp (this was before Instagram had taken over my life).

The only important thoughts going through my mind were what I would eat for lunch and then dinner that day.

Looking back I can see that the problem wasn’t a case of ‘I hate my work.’

The problem was with me.

I was bored in my job, I wasn’t challenging myself.

However, instead of asking for new projects or trying to develop important business skills, I decided to coast through the job.

advice if you hate your job


My mission with Your Green Grass Project isn’t to get people to quit their jobs as I did and become digital nomads.

Not everyone needs to be so dramatic and start living their life like it’s a soap opera.

I don’t believe everyone needs to travel to find happiness.

What is important to me though, is that people learn to live for themselves without society dictating how they should live their lives.

Since starting Your Green Grass Project, I have had many people write to me.

Not just about freelancing advice or travelling tips, but also to tell me of boredom.

That feeling of being unmotivated, the general monotony wearing them down until they are left wondering ‘Is this it?’

I get the idea that a lot of my peers are sat at their desks with that ‘Is this it?‘-feeling.

Some even go so far as to tell me ‘I hate my work’


I write a lot on here about how much I love travelling and living abroad in hot, sexy countries.

And it would be FANTASTIC if everyone were able to go on holiday for six months to find themselves while they think of a new career.

But situations get in the way, when you have responsibilities, debts and bills, you can’t simply change your life at the drop of the hat.

What can you do if you hate your job but you aren’t able or ready to quit?

Are there any solutions to the ‘I hate my job’ dilemma?

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If you are waking up every day focusing on the negatives aspects of your job, then you’re far more likely to not enjoy your work.

What you focus on in life, grows, and what you choose to ignore, generally doesn’t do so well.

Making a conscious effort to see the positive at work will help a lot to change your attitude towards your job.

Let’s change how we approach our jobs.

Instead of getting out of bed and immediately feeling your stomach drop with thoughts of ‘I hate my work’.

Why not wake up and think of three good things about your work? Train yourself to concentrate on the good points of your job.

  • Are you learning valuable skills to add to your CV?
  • Perhaps you are building a good network of contacts that will be useful later on.
  • Maybe you love your work colleagues?

Try hard enough and you can find something you appreciate in your work life.

Focus on the positive and ignore the negative.


Do you think I actually like doing SEO for companies?


What I like is the freedom it gives me to do what I really love.

Which is living abroad and being free to travel, manage my own time and spend my days on the beach!

The positives outweigh the negatives because I CHOOSE to view my work that way.


I don't know what to do with my life


Have you tried to see the positive but you still find yourself in the pub after a pint or seven, complaining to friends about how  ‘I hate my work’?

What about launching a secret side project at your job?

Finding one area of the work you like, be it presenting powerpoints, or writing reports, or learning a new programming code.

Then make the conscious decision to become the best you possibly can in that chosen skill.

Read and study everything you can about this particular skill.

Grab every opportunity to learn more and develop your aptitude in that area.

You never know which of your bosses is quietly observing you.

Use the opportunities your work provides you. Start asking for new challenges and be PROACTIVE.

Ask for a meeting with your senior. Get looking online to see what extra courses you could take.

You don’t get given new promotions without putting in the work and putting yourself out there.


Newsflash – It is not my dream to become a world expert in SEO.

Truthfully, technology and the internet bores me.

If you met me in real life, I would be the last person you would expect to be earning a living online.

I love chatting and meeting new people, there is nothing I love more than hearing different life stories and experiencing new adventures.

Sitting alone in front of a computer all day is not my idea of fun.

However, I understand that in order to fulfil my dreams, I need to earn money.

Currently, I am lucky enough to be living my dream of living abroad, being in control of my schedule and learning dance whenever possible.

Work is the vehicle that allows me to live my dream.


We were sold a marketing campaign that our work is something to fulfil us.

Apparently, we should all be earning money from our passions.

I love pole dancing, but I don’t really want to be objectified on a daily basis as a way to earn my living.

How about we stop seeing your work as something that has to fulfil you.

Not everyone can experience satisfaction from their work It isn’t the end of the world if you are an ‘I hate my work’ person.

Probably, the world economy would collapse if we all decided to pursue our dreams of setting up microbreweries and birthday cake businesses.

Instead of trying to find meaning in your work why not explore different interests.

Find something to focus on that isn’t related to work.

This could be a new hobby, volunteering, a side hustle. Whatever you want that makes you feel a little bit more YOU.

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I don't know what to do with my life


I am going to presume you are reading this article via the internet.

Did you know only 57% of the world has access to the internet?

If you earn over $35,000 a year, you are in the world’s richest 1%!

Click here to have a play on the Global Rich List and learn how ridiculously privileged you are.

Stop for a second and please appreciate how good your life is.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

If you don’t I would urge you to start taking a few minutes every day to think of five things you are grateful for.

As our societies become more secular, the practice of gratitude seems to have fallen by the wayside.

What if we stopped following rich and famous influencers and starting following people living in poverty.

Would that finally make us realise how fortunate and privileged we are?

Comparing ourselves only ever leads to disappointment.


As said before, my mission isn’t to create an army of digital nomads.

I don’t believe everyone NEEDS to spend seven months living out of suitcase and contracting dengue fever to find fulfilment.

The only thing I want is for people to stop being fake and realise that we are meant to ENJOY life.

I want people to live a life authentic to them.

It can be hard to find sunshine in a job you hate. That feeling of ‘I hate my work’ is depressing, to say the least.

But, remember, YOU are in charge of your happiness.

No one is forcing your life the way you are living it.

If, after trying all the above strategies to find satisfaction in your work you are still feeling apathetic, then it might be time to consider a change.

Changing careers is scary because we have been conditioned to believe that at the age of 28, 36, 45 we are too old to begin a new career.

It means you have to put yourself out there to be JUDGED. 

But, remember, you’re only being judged by people who are too scared to live their lives to the full, so who gives a fuck?

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If you need to take a pay cut for a while to achieve happiness, wouldn’t that be worth it?

Life isn’t a dress-rehearsal so do you really want to look back when your 84 and be filled with regret?

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Advice if 'i hate my job'