27 Creative Travel Words That Describe Travel

25 creative Travel Words To Describe How Travel Feels

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Scroll down for 27 of the ultimate creative travel words that perfectly describe travel!

Think back on your travel memories and try to conjure up that travel feeling with words? It’s hard to describe right? How can you explain the feeling of pure awe after waking up at 4am to hike up a mountain and watch a breath-taking sunrise?

Some travel experiences are that good they are almost indescribable. But, we gave it our best shot, here is a list of creative travel related words. 27 of the most powerful travel words to describe how travel feels. Feel free to use any words from the list  in your next inspirational Instagram caption.

A List Of 27 Creative Travel Words

1. Hozhoni 

Definition: An American Indian Navajo word meaning a feeling of being filled with beauty and balance. 

Although this is a list of creative travel words in English, there are words included that came from other cultures. Hozhoni describes the feeling that everything is right where it needs to be. This travel related word is exactly how I feel when I’m gazing out at another sunset on a tropical beach. I’m right where I need to be. 

2. Kismet

Definition: A beautiful descriptive Arabic-derived word, related to destiny.

Encountering something by chance but it seems like it was meant to be, then it could be kismet, your destiny. Who hasn’t experienced this when traveling, when you meet someone unexpected but connect immediately.

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3. Numinous

Definition: A word to describe the sense of a supernatural presence around you.

A perfect creative travel word that describes the awe inspiring places that travel takes you to. Like when you’re stargazing in a desert. You just know that there is something out there, watching over us.

4. Clinophilia

Definition: An individual with a passion for beds.

After months of hostel dorms and thin, aged mattresses. I think any backpacker would proclaim a love for good quality, comfortable beds.

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5. Idyll

Definition: A short, romantic interlude.

Is there anything more intense than a travel romance? A few short days of utter bliss before you have to say your goodbyes, never to see them again apart from in your memories. 

6. Gaia

Definition: Gaia theory is who postulate that the whole biosphere may be alive in that the Earth’s life forms are themselves responsible for regulating the conditions that make. 

I’m obsessed with Gaia theory, that our planet is a breathing organ. I think about it constantly while traveling. How can we not love the beautiful woman that is the Earth and how she creates this creative art in nature? 

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7. Fernweh

Definition: A feeling of homesickness for somewhere you’ve never even visited.

This solemn travel word escapes me to be honest, I’m too busy feeling homesick for the places I’ve already left and may never return to.

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8. Harbinger

Definition: A person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.

This travel word originally described a person who provided lodging, later one who went ahead to find lodgings for an army or for a nobleman and his retinue, hence, a herald (mid 16th century). Now, I like to think it gives a creative travel word to that feeling of being on the edge of something great. 

9. Onism

Definition: When you finally realise how big the world is and how small you are in comparison.

Finally, a travel associated word to explain how insignificant we are as backpackers. Pointlessly trying to experience as much as this vast planet as we can, whilst knowing we’ll never achieve our dream. 

10. Neophile

Definition: Not to be confused with necrophilia, a neophile is someone who loves all thnovel experiences.

Anyone who loves travel loves the new. Routine is for non-backpackers while true adventurers crave novel experiences.

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11. Eudaimonia

Definition: A Greek word meaning a content state of being happy and healthy. 

Every since I became a digital nomad over 3 years ago, even through the hard times I am feeling eudaimonia. 

12. Waldeinsamkeit

Definition: A Germanic word to describe the feeling of being alone in a forest.

Although I dislike being lonely as a long-term backpacker. Sometimes there is nothing better than a solitary hike or stroll through peaceful nature. 

13. Mimeomia

Definition: The frustration of knowing how easily you fit into a stereotype.

This creative travel word is perfect for anyone who’s ever stayed in a hostel or two. Backpackers all over the world unfortunately fit neatly into the stereotype of their home country. Aussies loving Vegemite and British loving their cups of tea. Sigh…

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14. Midding

Definition: A perfect travel word to describe the pleasure of observing a social gathering but not actually being in the midst of it.

I love relaxing in a hammock, watching fellow backpackers sharing a beer and chatting about their days. A feeling like no other.

15. Ioer 

Definition: An infectious enthusiasm.

What’s not to love about meeting positive travelers who possess a zest for life you just don’t see in daily life back home? These kind of Ioer people spark up an excitement for you to get the most out of travel.

16. Mamblory

Definition: The feeling of arriving home whilst you in the midst of traveling. 

As much as travel is amazing, sometimes we all crave that just arrived home feeling. Where everything is familiar and you are surrounded by people who know you. No small talk required. 

17. Gemütlichkeit

Definition: A Germanic word to describe a feeling of natural friendliness.

There’s something about hostels and the people they attract. Hostel-lodgers are a friendly bunch, you’re always guaranteed to make a new mate every day. (Admittedly there are foreign words associated with travel in this list, please forgive!)

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18. Heliophilous

Definition: A feeling of being attracted to the sunlight.

Calling all sunseekers! If you’re a cold-blooded human like me, you probably identify as an heliophile.

19. Eleutheromania

Definition: The constant desire to be free.

This is less a word about travel and more an instinctive human feeling. We were born to be nomads, so return to your instincts and travel. 

20. Morosophy

Definition: A foolish pretence of wisdom

The more I travel, the more I learn how little I know. Travel is eye-opening and teaches you to remain humble and open to new ideas, because, you know nothing.

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21. Dérive

Definition: A wild, unplanned adventure where the traveler lets spontaneity decide the path. 

Those days where you don’t have an itinerary to visit 3 churches, 4 castles, hike up a mountain and kayak back down it are often the best kind of days. Travel SHOULD be spontaneous. Let destiny decide. 

22. Gest Or Geste

Definition: 13th century word describing one last adventure

How many times have you heard yourself saying ‘This is my last big trip before I settle down’ and then before you know it, you’re planning one final ‘Gest’! Now, though, at least you have the perfect travel related word to describe your last gest!

23. Theosophy

Definition: An immediate divine illumination.

This travel associated word is for those epiphany moments on travel adventures when the answer to a problem that you left at home, finally comes to you. This happens because travel helps you to get to know who you are, and what you want. 

24. Ilotriophagy

Definition: The craving for strange foods.

Anyone for fried cockroaches from a Thai street stall? Food makes up a massive part of the travel experience. So, this list of travel words had to include a couple words about food.

25. Novaturient

Definition: A beautiful Latin word for when you a desiring a change in your life. 

This is often the reason many of us begin to travel. We want to change our lives to become more authentic to ourselves. An inspirational travel word to use in your next Instagram caption 😉

26. Integrum

Definition: Complete in Latin

A travel word to describe something no true traveler ever feels – Complete. Once wanderlust takes hold, you’ll never feel complete again, always yearning for the next adventure. 

27. Saudades

Definition: An ebbing feeling of missing someone.

This is a Portuguese word with no translation in another language. It’s beautiful, it combines longing and missing someone in a pure way. 

Simply, indescribable. Just like travel. 

If you enjoyed this list of creative travel words, make sure you pin it for later! Or have I missed any word that perfectly describes travel? Leave a comment below and let me know.

25 travel words that describe how traveling feels