A Perfect Upwork Profile Example For 2020

Updated 30 November 2019

Upwork Profile Example - Overview


It’s fair to say Upwork changed my life. I went from having ZERO skills to earning over $4000 A MONTH on the platform in less than a year.

Now I’m free to travel the world while making money online!

Together with this blog, I make over $4000 a month with Upwork. And so can you!

People think I must have had some sort of skill to become successful on Upwork. But No! It was all trial and error. That’s why I want to share with other people how to succeed on Upwork!

I wrote an ebook where I outline the EXACT STRATEGY I used to become successful on Upwork and earn thousands of dollars a month.

This is a sample profile, My Upwork Profile Sample. I want to help YOU win your first client on Upwork and become a successful freelancer! 

Upwork Your Way To Freedom Ebook

Step 1 – The Upwork Profile Overview

Your overview is the first thing potential clients see on your profile. Think of it as the first impression.

Even if you are a beginner on Upwork it’s vital to create the impression that you are a serious professional.

Make sure you come across as confident and professional but try not to sound too serious. A friendly freelancer is always preferred over someone with no sense of humor! 🙂

Upwork is an online work environment. The way you would behave in an office environment is the way you should behave on the platform.

Write in clear, concise sentences. Focus on how YOU can help clients get their project completed. 

Have a read of my Upwork profile example for an idea of the kind of thing you should be aiming for. Upwork has also provided further sample profiles for further inspiration, take a look!

There is a whole chapter in my book on how to create the perfect Upwork profile where we go into an indepth look at what makes a good profile stand out. 

Important Points

1. TITLE – This is literally the first thing clients see along with your photo. So make it good! Highlight your expertise and clearly state your skills.

Use words like expert and experienced to help create the impression that you are a competent and capable freelancer.

Don’t be afraid to combine two services, but no more than two. Focusing on a niche service is far more profitable in the long run.


2. EXPERIENCE – How long have you been working with your chosen skills? I made sure to highlight that I had over five years of experience as a market researcher and administrative assistant. This helped add credibility to my profile. Show off your expertise and why clients should hire you. How can you help the client?

3. LANGUAGES – Do you have any languages to highlight? If you are a Native English speaker this is a big plus point for clients from USA, UK, Canada looking for freelancers. Make sure to point out that you are a Native English Speaker.

4. PHOTO – Your photo is the first impression and it sure does count! A smiling photo is infinitely more preferable but your clothes do need to be professional.

Remember that Upwork is an online work environment and you want to show that you are professional. Focus on your face, wear suitable attire, take the photo in a neutral environment and smile!

Finish up your profile overview and let’s move on!

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Step 2 – Upwork Portfolio

Upwork Profile Sample - Portfolio

In my Upwork Profile Sample, you can see that I uploaded two examples of content that I had written for a company I used to work at.

My chosen skills are actually Market Researcher, but at the time I had no sample reports to show. However, I had read online that having a 100% complete profile really helps.

By showing evidence that I have done professional work and it is published online for anyone to see. This helps build trust between potential clients and freelancers.

If you are creating your Upwork profile as a beginner freelancer and you don’t have ANY samples to upload, then think about creating a simple website and writing some content for it. You can use the website to show your skills in building websites, graphic design, social media knowledge.

Or perhaps you could design a logo using Canva and explain the process behind it.

Get creative and don’t play yourself down!

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Step 3 – Filling In Your Skills

How to Create Upwork Profile - Skills Section

Upwork provides a looongg list of standardized skills for you to choose from. There are more than enough options so you can define your skills specifically and help you stand out in your niche.

Some clients choose to search for certain skills and services e.g. web design, social media expert, virtual assistant. As you can see from my Upwork profile example, I included variations on the keyword Virtual Assistant to make sure that I am searchable to all clients searching for my services.

When you create your Upwork profile, do your research. Look for the different keywords relating to your services and try and include as many as possible in your skills section.

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Step 4 – Employment History

Upwork Profile Example Work History

Including your work history as part of your profile can help you get approval on Upwork. By allowing the administrators to see your experience in the field. Your work experience is important, include all relevant work! 

But, to tell the truth, when clients are searching for freelancers they will rarely scroll right down to read through your employment history.

When filling out the work experience section be sure to make to your responsibilities clear. On my example Upwork profile, I start each responsibility on a new line. My work experience is clear to read and understand.

You might not have any work experience to include and that’s OK! Don’t panic! 

On the Upwork website they suggest including your new freelance business as part of your work history. Or you could include relevant projects that you may have done during your education. Get creative!

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Step 5 – Some Final Tips From Upwork

I found this on the Upwork website. They included some fantastic tips to summarize everything above and ensure that as an Upwork beginner you will get approval!

If you are serious about freelancing on Upwork and want to take things to the next level, check out my ebook – Upwork Your Way To Freedom!

Upwork profile example additional tips from Upwork




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